On line giving tree on the WWW

LIGHTING CREW  —  Saturday morning, the weather was crisp with no wind which suited the crew who volunteered their time to put up the Christmas street decorations. From the left is Mike Lytle, Gerald Miller, Frosty the Snowman, Jerry Badgett, Robert Inman of Gimpy’s Tree Service, Nathan Habets, Conner Fuson and Jon Kujava.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




Love shopping? Love giving? Hate malls?

A new concept in giving this holiday season! EndlessEcho.org is the newest charity website and a unique new way of supporting those in need.

Endless Echo has launched the Online Giving Tree offering an easy way to fulfill wishes of disadvantaged children, homeless veterans, teens and seniors in need – from those battling cancer to children coping with the loss of parents to homeless veterans.            

Until Dec. 18, Endless Echo allows you to ‘adopt’ an individual or multiple individuals online and donate toward their wish. Making holiday giving the easy thing to do.

With record numbers of individuals in need this year, Endless Echo hopes this Online Giving Tree will strongly impact those in need and inspire everyone to easily ‘give’.

You can adopt a disadvantaged senior citizen, child, teen or a homeless veteran. There are many overlooked senior citizens who are either facing financial hardship or lack the family support system who would otherwise make Christmas special. Or remember our Veterans in need – many of whom are struggling to provide for themselves – and we hope you’ll help provide joy and love for these deserving folks this Christmas.

Give to a child who’s lost a parent or whose parents don’t have the financial means to even provide necessities.

Something just as simple as $5 can offer the simplest gift and put a smile on someone’s face because they were ‘thought of’.

Endless Echo has worked with various organizations to make the giving tree possible including The YWCA, Living Facilities, individual families and more.

You can join in making a difference and help provide a memorable Christmas to those less fortunate. Visit EndlessEcho.org to become someone’s Santa and donate toward each individual’s wish list. “With your generosity, we can reduce stress and anxiety by offering that ‘little something extra’ to those who may not have anyone to care for them.,” said Kiley Martin, a co-founder of Endless Echo.

“By joining together, we can make a difference in another person’s life and make sure they know they’re valued,” said Martin. She went on to add, “Together, let’s meet a Giving Goal of $4,000 by visiting EndlessEcho.org to donate today.”

Want to donate or know someone in need? Contact: 406-749-9131, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Start making a difference today by visiting www.endlessecho.org .

Who’s Behind the Scenes?

Both Jody Dahl and Kiley Martin have always felt a pull towards helping our world and the people and animals in it. Over the years, CEO and founder of Top50ranches.com, Dahl has raised over half a million dollars for charities.

Her business has featured heavily across TV networks and in global publications, and since starting Top50 Ranches Dahl had a passion to create an ecommerce site to sell rancher clothing, donating a portion of the money earned to charities.

Endless Echo co-founder Martin, a 2006 graduate of Conrad High School, was born and raised on a farm and ranch near Conrad.

From a young age she felt the need to help others; she passionately believes that even a small act can mean the world to another person.

Martin achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health then went on to become a Social Worker. Over the years, she has volunteered to help in crisis recovery, such as the Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Toll and the Haiti Clothing Drive and even volunteering in a daycare in India.

She had a bigger idea on how to create an ecommerce site dedicated solely to charity - thus they began Endless Echo.

Upon realizing they shared a deep desire to help and give, they created Endless Echo, hoping to find a solution to help change the world. Their firm belief that if everyone joins together we can make a difference is mirrored in their work, and they passionately hope that through Endless Echo they can create a better world for the next generation.

Kiley is the daughter of Bruce and Kelly Martin.