Business Spotlight on Knobel Grooming

A THANKFUL WESTIE  —   Knobel Grooming Owner Lynne Knobel gets a close and personal thank you from her newly groomed client, a West Highland Terrier named Monty.  I-O Photo by Pat Lee




By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Picking up the brush and clippers comes natural to Lynne Knobel, owner and groomer of Knobels Grooming. 

“I raised groomed and showed dairy goats, sheep, horses and dogs at various times, but in short, I’ve been grooming animals most of my life.” said Knobel.

When Knobel was young, she groomed her family’s own dogs.  She said her parents had rescued several dogs and they always had about five dogs which she groomed.

Her brush with greatness came from friend and cousin Rhonda Frosch, in the way of grooming tips.  Frosch was 2009 Groomer of the Year. 

Knobel said “I love animals and never tire of their antics.”

She joked “My goal is to become the person my dog thinks I am.”

She uses aromatherapy to help relax the dogs while they are being groomed.  She found it works well and uses it regularly now.

Her experience stems from years of hands on grooming and getting to know animals.  She also attended Super Zoo in Las Vegas for continuing education as well as other seminars. She has also trained as a cosmetologist and graduated from Dahl’s. She said, “I started out on people, but went to the dogs.”

Although her shop is small, it is well suited to the task of grooming.  Kennels align the sides of her small room and everything has its place.

Knobel Grooming is a family business.  She has taught two of her daughters to groom and taught her son to be a bather and brusher.

She provides full grooming for cats and dogs complete with service of nail trimming, dental care, bathing, drying, clip style, scissoring and hand stripping, a unique technique for getting dogs ready for show.

Her business card says, Keeping them clean, cute and lovable. She said, “I believe it is important to be gentle and patient. I joke that raising six children did not teach me patience, but grooming dogs did.”

Knobel works flexible hours for the convenience of her customers.

She offers pick-up and delivery for people who can’t get out.  She has also referred pet owners to the local vet for health issues she may see.  She also volunteers to judge and helps 4-Hers with their dogs as well as serving as Chief Ring Steward at the Electric City Kennel Club Show.

Knobel said she is always accepting new shaggy clients. To make an appointment or to get more information about dog or animal grooming you can call her at 576-7297.