A thought about Christmas giving

SERIOUS ABOUT FROSTING  —   Kimberly Ringdahl gets a helping hand from Amanda Moulton on her gingerbread creation. I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal





By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

The best ideas for Christmas giving are those that cost our time, and remind us why we celebrate this special and spiritual holiday.

Taking time to enjoy the mood of Christmas and really getting into the spirit of the holiday should be simple, but with so much commercialism and emphasis on the special shopping sales, we often fall short and often wish we had spent more time with friends and family.

Those who take the time to visit with an elderly relative or spend a moment visiting with a child are the ones who receive the real Christmas gift.

The innocent smiles and bright eyes of a curious child who just want our time reflect Christmas.

The elderly wrinkled hand being held with concern and love are somber reminders of Christmas from another time, perhaps when those hands held us.

Glancing at past Christmas photos with family encircle the present and rekindle old feelings and a longing for family traditions. If you don’t have any family traditions, it’s never too late to begin.

Stories remembered best are those read beside fireplaces in easy chairs by our parents and grandparents, and become the voice of Christmas.

Young kitchen helpers smothered in powdered sugar and flour decorating those Christmas cookies becomes the memories for future Christmas reflections.

This year forget about bustling out to a mall in the city to a great deal or special sale.  As the saying goes, the times of your life are never measured in minutes, but in memories.

Remember the moments you spend with family and friends and feel the genuine meaning and love given and gifted this Christmas season.