Vote on Brady water district issue

Voters in the Brady Water District, by now, should have received a mail-in ballot from Janice Hoppes, Pondera County Clerk and Recorder and Election administrator.

This is a ballot to vote yes or no to pay for the GOB (General Obligation Bond) on property taxes.

Joan Weikum says “We need this $400,000 bond to match the $2,740,0000 government grants that we have received to upgrade the Brady water lines, tower, hydrants and to complete the hook-up to the Regional Water System.”

If the voters approved to pay off the GOB, there are no planned raises in the water rates and this will get the DEQ off our backs for not having perfect water.

If resident vote no, then the $3,140,000 will have to be raised by raising the water rates considerably and Brady will be fined monthly by the DEQ until there is a different way of paying for the water up-date construction.

Vote yes so government grants a chance to up-grade the town to the 21st Century can be made.

Be sure to mail your ballot back to the Clerk and Recorder office before Dec. 28.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Weikum at 788-4772 or Laurie at 788-9254.