Pearl Harbor Day remembered

HONORING AN INFAMOUS DAY  –  Lois Aakre prepares to take down her flag as the sun sets on National Pearl Harbor Day.   I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal



By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Pearl Harbor Day is sadly becoming less recognized as our heroes who served during that time are passing away.

Lois Aakre hung her flag out on Friday in remembrance and respect to her late husband, Henry J. “Hank” Aakre, age 93, a U.S. Army World War II Veteran.

Hank Aakre, who served in the Army, passed away this past April, and Aakre said, “On Dec. 1 we would have celebrated our 74th wedding anniversary. We had a good 73 years together.”

The young Aakre family lived in the same house for those 73 years, where she hung her flag on Friday.

She remembered when he left, “We had three little girls home then.”  She added, “Jean was only two-years-old when he came home, and after being gone for 18 months, she didn’t even know him.”

Marge, her older daughter was four-years-old at that time.  Aakre said, “She cried and cried the day he left, and when asked why she was crying she said with her daddy gone, nobody would be able to open the jars for me.”

She added, “We were all very glad when he came home.”

Aakre hangs the flag out on all holidays now, and as the sun set on this last Pearl Harbor Day she came out to take down the flag.

I put the flag out for Hank. He loved to fly the flag.”