Harvesting the mitten tree

HARVESTING THE TREE  —  Pat Lee, owner and publisher of the I-O, picks mittens from the tree and boxes the harvest of mittens, gloves and scarves for the Giving Tree.  I-O Photo by Barb Stratman 





By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

The mitten tree has been harvested and the I-O is pleased to announce it was a successful harvest.

As Owner and Publisher Pat Lee began the task of gathering and boxing the various mittens, gloves, scarves and hats, she was impressed by the generosity of our small community.

When Lee moved to Montana 25 years ago, she brought the mitten tree idea with her from Minnesota.  It’s been going strong ever since.

Lee said, “We had three boxes full this year, most of the contribution were gloves.”

From the I-O, the boxes are taken to the Catholic Church where the collection will be delivered with the Giving Tree presents. 

The mitten crop yielded: 65 pair of gloves, 15 pair of mittens; 19 sets of hats and gloves; 25 hats; seven scarves; one scarf, hat and glove set and four headbands.

Lee appreciates the individuals, various groups and organizations who so generously donated to the mitten tree.  Lee said, “We even received donations from Minnesota.” 

She said, “Without your individual generosity, it wouldn’t be such a success.”