Conrad police shut down four pot growing operations, arrest 6

CONFISCATED  —  Guns and marijuana are just a small portion of items that included cash and drug paraphernalia confiscated from a recent drug bust here in Conrad.  Photo Courtesy of the Conrad Police Department





According to Chief Gary Dent, Conrad Police Department (CPD), information gathered recently led to the police seeking a number of search warrants for local residences.

On Dec. 10, the first warrant was served. At this residence, police found an illegal marijuana grow(ing) operation in the basement.

More search warrants were served on Tuesday, a total of four search warrants in all were served.

Subsequent searches on separate Conrad homes led to three more marijuana production sites that were discovered. 

As of Monday afternoon no papers had been filed with the Clerk of Court office and until they are, names and residences cannot be named.

Police seized more than 70 marijuana plants, already packaged marijuana, thousands of dollars in production equipment, guns, over $1,000 in cash and associated evidence.

The street value of the marijuana will not be known until after it is analyzed by the crime lab.

Along with the live plants, there was evidence of recent and past harvested marijuana crops.

Also seized were over 100 pieces of drug paraphernalia including pipes, bongs, scales and related items.

“The grow operations were not amateurish in nature and two of the operations were very elaborate and professional,” said Dent.

Conrad Police Officers Scott Holbrook and Jason Korst spearheaded the investigation, but Chief Dent said that the 3-day, multi-agency felony investigation would not have been possible without the assistance of 10 more officers from the CPD, Pondera County Sheriff’s Office and the Montana Highway Patrol.

“This type of work takes multiple officers to conduct the operation safely and efficiently, the help from area law enforcement was vital,” Dent said.

Dent went on to add, “Additionally, we would not have been able to move so quickly without the help and assistance from the Pondera County Attorney, MaryAnn Ries.”