An unselfish heart


By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Today’s youth are often seen in a negative light. Their actions often witnessed as brash and crude. We live in a violent world, where obscene gestures and language are now heard on playgrounds and we hear of ugly acts being committed by the youngest in our society. 

In Conrad, one little girl has captured the hearts of her community and gives us hope with a single act of kindness.

Reid Stuart who works at Two Times New has known Julia Winney since she was very small. “We used to both live in Valier, and attended the same church.”

Stuart has watched Winney grow into a very special young lady. He says, “She has a very big heart.” He also said she likes to frequent his store with her friends.

Winney has a special talent. Stuart said, “She can squeeze a Buffalo off a nickel.”  Meaning she has a way of always getting a good deal. 

 Stuart related a real Christmas story to me regarding Winney’s solid character.  He said a mother and her son had been in the store and this little boy wanted a toy that cost a dollar.  The mom told the boy they didn’t have the money for the toy. The boy didn’t throw a fit or anything, he just looked sad.  Julia was in the store and overhead the conversation.  After the little boy and his mother moved on in the store, Julia approached Stuart and asked, “How much would you sell me that toy for” she asked. Knowing what she was up to, Stuart told her “five cents.”   Julia paid the nickel, got the toy and gave it to the little boy.  Stuart remembered, “He was so happy.”

Julia’s friends were with her, and one commented that she always got such good deals on things, but always gave everything away.  Julie’s reply made Stuart smile.  She said, “Isn’t that what it’s about, giving rather than getting?”  Stuart said, “I’m sure it’s something she learned in Sunday School.”

It was such a small act of kindness, but to all who hear the story and know Julia’s struggles to get well, it is an image that exonerates her strong character and lightens all our hearts. Frances Larson who heard the story said, “She has such a giving unselfish heart.”

Winney has been undergoing treatments for burns sustained in a house fire on Dec. 29.  An account has been set up in her name at Stockman Bank .