Truck quotes tabled, light committee named


By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

The city needs a new truck. Monday the city fathers got three quotes. But instead of purchasing a 2013, three-quarter ton 4x4 with an extended cab, the aldermen, after some discussion, took the quotes under advisement.

What tossed a cog in the wheel was a quote from Bell Motors in Cut Bank.

Locally, Van Motors turned in a sealed quote of $27,320 with a trade-in or $27,670 with no trade-in. Courtesy Ford had a high bid with a price of $28,400 with a trade-in and $28,900 without a trade-in.

Bell Motors of Cut Bank had a low quote of $25,728 with no trade-in. They did not have a quoted price for a trade-in.

Mayor Wendy Judisch commented that these were quotes, not bids and Public Works Director Rich Anderson could “take the quotes to Van Motors to see if they can beat it.” 

She went on to say, “When you have dealerships in town, you have to be cognizant of business.”

The city, unlike some others, does not have a “preference clause” in accepting bids or quotes.

Nevertheless, the council voted, 4/0, to take under advisement (table) the quotes for the new truck.

A number of citizens were appointed and approved by the council for a Pedestrian Light Committee.

It will be made up of Judy Ketterling, Bev Widhalm, Agnes Fowler, Betty and Harold Olson, Bonnie and Bill Poser, Barbie Killion, John Calahan and County Commissioner Sandra Broesder.

The committee will explore ways to improve street lights and affordably upgrade and beautify Main Street.

Reports were approved by PWD Anderson, the Port Authority’s Cheryl Curry, and Librarian Carolyn Donath. There were no water contracts or commercial building permits to present. There was one residential building permit for putting in a wheelchair ramp at 14 S. Minnesota.

The council moved on a 4-0 vote to forgive a $6,000 loan to the Regional Port Authority. The loan, given yearly, is not to be used for operating funds but for small business operations.

The council moved to approve a $5,000 change order for sludge removal to Sandry Construction, a firm out of Missoula.

City council members will have their next regular meeting on Jan. 22, 7:30 p.m., a Tuesday because Monday is a national holiday.

The council has been meeting in the library while the city hall remodeling project was underway. The council will move back to their regular chambers at 411-1/2 S. Main St. now that the remodeling is done.

The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.