UMS Knowledge Master Team competes

MASTERS OF KNOWLEDGE  —  Students competing in knowledge contest included in the back from the left, Jenna Barker, Madisyn Hampton, Leahyna Pridemore, Sheridan Johnson; in the middle Darin Mecham, Dania Jones, Matthew Lyons, Alex Huffman; and in front Megan Weis, Clint Judisch, Angel Dugan and Jordan Mills.  Photo Courtesy of UMS School






Thousands of students throughout the country and in many foreign countries competed Dec. 4, in the Knowledge Master Open academic competition.  

Middle school and high school students faced their computers and 200 tough questions to vie for top scores based on the accuracy and speed of their answers.

A team of 12 students at Utterback Middle School scored 1,128 of 2,000 possible points.  

The team earned the following scores in these categories; Knowledge 83 percent, Comprehension 76 percent, Application 87 percent, Analysis 91 percent.  

These subjects were part of the test, and the participants earned the following scores with second chance tries; American History 50 percent, World History 75 percent, Government 77 percent, Recent Events 100 percent, Economics and Law 87 percent, Geography 93 percent, Literature 88 percent, English 100 percent, Math 90 percent, Physical Science 86 percent, Biology 81 percent, Earth Science 87 percent, Health and Psychology 100 percent, Fine Arts 90 percent, Useless Trivi 100 percent.

The team is coached by Karen Lee and Monica Tomayer.  Tomayer said, “The students worked well together and competed with pride for their school.” 

The team consisted of Sheridan Johnson, Dania Jones, Darin Mecham, Leahyna Pridemore, Clint Judisch, Jenna Barker, Megan Weis, Matthew Lyons, Madisyn Hampton, Alex Huffman, Angel Dugan and Jordan Mills.  

Tomayer added, “These students put in many hours learning how to working together to get the correct answers and studying various subject matter.”

The UMS team earned third in the state of Montana.  They answered 172 questions correctly with 32 on the second try.  They placed 348 out of 508 worldwide teams.    

“The team competed much stronger this time than last competition.” said Tomayer. 

The Knowledge Master Open was designed to stimulate enthusiasm for learning and recognition for academic accomplishment.  

The contest runs on classroom computers to allow all students the opportunity to compete in a large academic event without the expense of traveling to a central site.  

Results of the contest are tabulated into overall, state and enrollment-size rankings by Academic Hallmarks, a Colorado publishing firm that hosts the event. 

Contest results and example questions are available at

Editor’s note: For more information contact Monica Tomayer at UMS.