Safe routes and curb service

FAMILIAR SIGHT  —  After almost a week of mild temperatures, the state and Conrad got another taste of winter as the temperatures dropped and the snow came-‘a-blowin’ on Thursday. Tom Fetters was on his ATV and plowing snow so customers could get into the gas pumps. Other businesses and residents were shoveling almost as fast as the snow was coming down. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler



By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Cheryl Curry, from the Pondera Port Authority, gave the board an updated report on the Safe Routes to School grant.  Curry is currently applying for the next Safe Routes to School grant.  Part of the grant would require the district to maintain the new changes to the sidewalks and streets around the school buildings.  She is going to submit the grant application at the end of December.

Curry said, “this year’s Safe Routes to School grant has been a great success in training students and community about safety and the health benefits of walking.”

Utterback Middle School recognized two outstanding students.  The first was Danielle Moritz, who is an eighth grader.  Some of the comments of her stated, “She is the most sincere, honest, and responsible person in her class.”  The other student from UMS was Ryan Murack, a seventh grader. It was stated by one of the staff members that he is “growing into the role as a leader.”

Meadowlark School recognized first grader, Rachel Arndt.  Her teacher, Wendy Gierke, said “Rachel is an awesome student…I am blessed to have her in my class.

Prairie View School recognized a student, Tatyana Rohrer, from Barb Brownell’s third grade class.

Brownell said, “Tatyana has a great attitude and is always ready to learn.”

The final student recognition was a Conrad High School senior, Camron Janzen.

Tyson Anderson presented his award and stated, “Camron is a talented student, perfect display of school spirit.”

CHS Student Body President, Faith Dyrud, gave her monthly report, which included a summary of their Christmas activities.

Jensen said Parent Teacher Conferences went well.  There was a 98 percent parent turnout at the Meadowlark School, and 97 percent parent turnout at the Prairie View School. He also reported on the success of the elementary Christmas Concerts.  Janis McRae and Todd Truscott did an outstanding job of organizing and running the elementary programs.

Tara Thielman said all of the students took the MBI My Voice Survey.  This survey will be used to make improvements in the overall atmosphere at UMS.

The UMS Knowledge Master team finished third in the state at the recent fall contest. 

Ruth Fladstol gave the CHS report and introduced three students who had recently gone through the STAR training, in peer mediation.

Transportation director, Jim Carroll, said the old charter bus is in Billings and not in working order anymore. 

Carroll said, “The bus broke down on a recent trip to Billings.  A Transportation Committee meeting will decide what direction to go from this point.”

The Education board approved the district usage of procurement cards.  The use of purchase orders is becoming increasing challenging to use and the preset debit cards are accepted at most locations.

The Altacare program in the district has expanded and will have a therapist at the Prairie View School. Karen Zuchero will begin working at the school in January.  Altacare is a counseling program that works in the schools.  The cost to the district is limited to the costs of maintaining computers and providing them space to work.

The After School Program is averaging 59 students per day.  The Meadowlark School averages 27 students per day.

The enrollment for the district increased from 565 to 567 over the past month. Jessica Jensen was hired as the assistant high school tennis coach for the upcoming 2013 season. Ryan Rauscher was approved as an Open Gym Supervisor.

All current and future Open Gym Supervisors will have to complete an approved background check before they will be approved as Open Gym Supervisor.

Superintendent Barringer will be sending a letter out to all formerly approved supervisors who don’t have an approved background check done through the Conrad Schools.

After 32 years of service at Utterback Middle School, Linda Carlson will be resigning at the end of the school year.

Katie Peterman was hired as a part-time one-on-one aide at Prairie View School.

Tammy Bartsch was hired as Reading Coach Aide for Meadowlark and Prairie View Schools. This position is paid through the Distinguished School Award that Prairie View School recently was awarded.