Wind blows public radio off the air

DOWN BY WIND  —  Part of a transmission tower for the Yellowstone Public Radio lies by a transmitter shed on Sam George Hill. The huge winds we had last month blew down parts of the public broadcasting tower and put the station off the air. It should be back on air this week.  Photo courtesy of Sam Zuidema




The horrific winds that blew through the area on Jan. 19 did little actual damage in town, but up on Sam George Hill the howling zephyr toppled the 130 foot communications tower that contained the receiving and broadcast antenna of the Yellowstone Public Radio (YPR).

The station is better recognized as KEMC as 91.3 on your FM dial.

The tower also services KXE1 Christian Radio.

Plans call for the tower to be salvaged (retro-fit) on Monday or Tuesday of this week in order to restore service, says Harold Olson.

Engineers and technicians from Havre, Missoula, and Billings, along with local support should have the two stations back on the airways this week.

A retrofit needs FCC approval which may account for some delays in getting back on the airways.