Bow shooters converge on Conrad

READY TO SHOOT  —  From the left, Kaylee and Nolan Taule, Jette Pruttis and Angel Linn of Sandrockets 4-H Club prepare to begin their Marias Fair Archery targets at a recent meet.   Photo courtesy of Wendy Wedum, PC Extension Agent




On Sunday, 65 4-H members from the Four County Marias Fair completed 95 targets.

Earning the highest scores in their divisions for Pondera County 4-H were: Clark Judisch, 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club Primitive Bow; Matthew Lyons, 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club Bare Bow. 

Top Pondera County 4-H Interviewers included:  Pre-Junior 9-10 year olds Jagger Hofstad, 4-Leaf Clovers and Senior 14 years old and over Logan Wedum, Sandrockets 4-H Club. 

“It was an incredibly competitive event,” said Wendy Wedum of the Pondera County Extension office. 

Earning top score during the tournament was Ben Rogers, Toole County 4-H member, who shot a 299 out of 300 points. 

“We are incredibly blessed to have a number of terrific volunteers who helped to do the interview judging, keep scores, sign in members, do safety bow checks, total the scores, set up,  clean up and run concessions, Wedum commented.

In each of the categories the Pondera County placings included:

Primitive:  9-10 years old first place, Riley Yeager and second Jagger Hofstad, both in the 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club

Bare Bow: 9-10 first place; Jonna Myre, 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club. 11-12 years first place; Matthew Lyons, 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club and  third place Willow Walsh, Sandrockets 4-H Club. 13-14 years old first place Angel Liu, Sandrockets 4-H Club.

Limited Bow: 11-12 years first place Logan Parker, Wingina 4-H Club.

Bow Hunter: 11-12 years second place Bridger Russell, Sandrockets 4-H Club, third place Clint Judisch, 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club.

Unlimited Bow: 11-12 years second place, Bridger Russell, and third place Nolan Taule, both Sandrockets 4-H Club.