Fifth graders tie flies

CONCENTRATE!   —   Fifth grade student  Romey Hagee concentrates as she winds the thread around her hook in preparation to create her own unique fly. I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal




By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Matt Wilhelm from Livingston came out to Prairie View School and worked with the fifth grade classes teaching them to tie flies. 

Wilhelm said, “The hunting and fishing license sales are down and we work to encourage kids to have an interest in the outdoors.”

As the students filed in to the room, their attention was riveted to the tables holding the hooks and material to make their flies.

As the first fifth grade class gathered around the table and Wilhelm, he began showing them how to tie fishing flies Wilhelm said, “It’s important they learn to enjoy the outdoors.  As more people get interested in outdoor recreation, they support programs that protect and preserve our resources.”

Setting the tables up with equipment and supplies for tying the flies took about 30 minutes for the two fifth grade classes.

As Wilhelm worked with the students, their interest was intent as he instructed them what to do.

Tying the flies kept them busy and all of the students were very intent on the task.

Fifth grade teachers Diana Agre and Val Kellogg’s classes will be doing other outdoor activities throughout the spring as part of their science unit.  For more activities and events, contact Prairie View School at 271-5251.