Doctor Peters keynotes CofC gathering at Coaches Corner

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Optometrist Dr. Joseph Peters was the featured speaker at the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

Before he took to the floor there were a number of short reports with Superintendent of Schools Craig Barringer leading the way.

He noted that the Class District tournament was starting and that tournament officials were, “really happy with the Conrad site.”

“Chief Dent,” he noted, “has made a walk-through of the school buildings and are being revaluated for safety. He noted that safety of this magnitude was not considered when the school buildings were originally constructed.

Lisa Hanson, the Director of Business Development at the hospital said the “PMC is in good hands with Tiffany Nitz COO (Chief Operating Officer) acting as the CEO.”

A search committee has been formed and is looking for a new CEO.

Work on the bridge at the front of the hospital has come to a halt. While work still needs to be done, it is now usable for patients and visitors.

The hospital is going into Phase II of a fund-raising project, yet to be determined, to raise $30,000 to compete the project.

Mayor Wendy Judisch made a public apology for going out of town to Choteau to get drapes for the front office. She didn’t realize until after the new drapes were in that this type of service was available in Conrad.

The city is looking at upgrading street lights with a historical flair and hopes to obtain a CTP  (Community Transportation Enhancement Project) grant for $625,000. However, this requires a $200,000 match from the city. The city is hoping that they can get some CTEP funding from the county.

There will be a public hearing at the March 4 council meeting concerning this topic.

With the commissioners in Helena at a MACo meeting, CofC secretary Barbie Killion read a report from them. It was noted that passports are issued by the Clerk of Court.

Killion noted that Hart King a magic man will be the featured entertainment at the annual CofC banquet on March 9 at Norley Hall.

Nominations are being taken in for the Unsung Hero, Business Person of the Year and Clydesdale awards. They can be dropped off at the CofC office.

Cynthia Grubb, RN, CLC, from the Pondera County Health Department let everyone know, “There is a lot of illness in the area right now.”  Norvirus has been seen at the PMC

She told the people, “If you are sick, don’t go to work and keep washing your hands.”

George Tornga is back as manager of the Orpheum Theatre. Adriana Pridemore who had taken the position has an autistic child and needs more time to spend caring for him.

Harold Olson gave a quick report on the Yellowstone Public Radio towers that had been blown down in January. Work crews from various parts of the state now have the radio station back on air.

Main speaker Dr. Joseph Peters, Optometrist, has been in Conrad now for a little over 2-1/2 years and opened his talk saying “I love eyeballs and can ramble about them forever.”

The doctor noted that his office is, “sort of the gate keeper.” Any issue one has with eyes his office can take a look and if they can’t fix it, “We can send you off to a specialist.”

One of the eye problems he touched on was macular degeneration which is the leading cause of vision loss among people over age 50.

There are two types, wet and dry. The wet form is less common, however, vision loss for the wet form can be rapid and severe.

There is no cure for the dry form of macular degeneration, but doctors feel there is a link between nutrition of the progression of dry macular.

It is suggested that a low-fat diet, rich in dark green leafy vegetables, can slow vision loss due to macular degeneration.

With a model eye as an aid, Peters showed that when the normally clear lens within our eye becomes cloudy, it is called a cataract.

Cataracts mostly develop in people over the age of 55 and there are a wide variety of factors that can contribute to the development of cataracts

For more information on eye care and treatment, contact Dr. Peters at 278-5331 or stop by his office at 403. S. Delaware Street.