On the Fast Trax ... Vandalism or not

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

It’s been a month now since four “gentlemen” allegedly from Shelby, and I use that with a great deal of sarcasm, stopped in at the new rest area just off of I-15.

The four men stormed into the rest area like a herd of elephants, cussing and swearing, with one ranting about this is how our tax dollars are spent.

This person just happens to be an employee in secondary education of the Shelby School District. It’s a fine example to be setting for the youth of Shelby, not to mention Conrad. Come on kiddies, we’ll do a little skiing, get buzzed, and  on the way home do some vandalizing, oh what fun it is!

One of the young men allegedly involved, rifled a beer can into a restroom. Along with that, the perpetrators allegedly relieved themselves not in the appropriate place.

Another person who has a business on Main St. in Shelby was along for the ride.

What kind of message does this send to other people and students? Go to Conrad to commit your crime. Could be.

Others in the group took pencils from the suggestion box and drew naked women on the window sills, and scratched and punched holes in various places, all the while not thinking at all that they are causing the taxpayers’ dollars to have the area cleaned up by their works of vandalism.

Vandalism is an offense that takes place when a person(s) defaces property, other than their own, without permission. The act of vandalism is a crime against property that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both.

There is nothing in the MCA codes that says, “a little vandalism is no big deal.” Rob a big bank, rob a small bank, the crime is the same. There is no such thing as a little vandalism.

They were caught doing their “duty” on a hi-tech video camera and by an eye witness.

If it were me, I’d file a civil suit for psychological and emotional damages against these buffoons.

So, it appears these breakers of the law are going to get a ticket. A ticket. A ticket for what? To a social event, the policeman’s ball, a Get Out of Jail Free card. This last one sounds pretty much like what it might be.

This week we’re informed we will have a meeting about this. And our officers may go to Shelby to meet with the alleged perpetrators and their lawyer.

That’s choice. With gas prices going through the roof, let’s spend our taxpayer dollars for gas to discuss whether charges may or may not be filed. Advantage to the vandals if the meeting is  in their backyard.

Lets’ see, are we going to meet at a round table or will be it be a rectangle type table? And if it’s a round table where is the head? That should be discussed along with seating arrangements.

What about snacks? A meeting of this magnitude could go on for some time. The city has, or did have, before their remodeling job, a popcorn machine. Maybe they could bring some to the table and you Shelby guys provide the water and sodas, sound fair?

No! Have them cart their happy little fannies down here and hold your meeting in the newly remodeled jail area.

Vandalism laws have been put in the books to prevent the destruction of property both public and private.

However, some people must feel that it doesn’t apply to them, and as such they can go around and say “It’s no big deal, we got away with it in Conrad.”