Business Spotlight on Conrad Denture Center

TEAMING UP TO GET THE JOB DONE  —  The Conrad Denture Center is ready to serve, Sandin and Heidi Barney work as a winning team going out of their way to provide the best services and treatment options available to their patients, and never compromise quality for an easier way to get the job done.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal




By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

For the past year and a half, Sandin and Heidi Barney have owned the Conrad Denture Center.

They worked with Charles Conlan for 15 months before buying the Hamilton Building from him in September 2011. 

Conlan began making dentures here in 2008, part-time. Soon, it became a full-time business and the Barney’s arrived in July 2010 to make it the full-time denturist practice it is today.

Sandin is the Denturist and Heidi works as the Office Manager.

Sandin said moving to Conrad made good business sense. “Charles was looking to retire, and I needed a place to work. Since we’ve moved here, Conrad has grown on us, and it now feels like home. We can’t imagine living or working anywhere else.”

Heidi said, “The Conrad Denturist Center’s Mission Statement is: To go out of our way to provide the best services and treatment options to our patients and never compromise quality for an easier way to get the job done.”

Conrad Denture Center caters to those with removable oral restorations (dentures/partials).

Most work is done in house which saves the patient time and money.

Sandin said, “We accept Medicaid and most insurance companies.” 

A denturist is different from a dentist. A denturist is one who does not alter or modify natural teeth, but who specializes in removable dentures and partials.

Sandin said, “We provide fabrication and repair of complete and partial removable dentures, denture tooth repairs, base repairs and denture relines, which re-fit the denture, providing a new fit for an old or ill fitting denture”

Conrad Denture Center is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Heidi said, “We shop locally as much as possible and participate in local events such as Whoop Up, Harvest Fest and Christmas Stroll.”

The Conrad Denture Center is located at 302 S. Delaware St. Their phone and fax is 271-2000.