Students learn to churn cream into butter

MY TURN AT THE CHURN  —Jarek Shepherd takes a turn cranking the handle and churning the butter as his class learns about butter churning and pasta making, part of their agriculture unit in his fourth grade class at Prairie View School.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal





Fourth grade student Jarek Shepherd takes a turn at the churn, creating creamy butter used to top their homemade pasta, also classroom made.

Kim Hofstad’s fourth grade class enjoyed the activities of churning butter and then forming it with a bowl and butter paddles. The butter was later used to top their pasta which they also mixed, cut and boiled in the classroom.

Some of the class tasted the butter milk as it was collected from the churn with mixed reactions. One student said, “It tastes like a milkshake.”Another said, “It’s like sweet milk.”

Most of the class agreed the butter when placed in a bowl looked like a lump of ice cream.

The tasty experience was all part of their agriculture unit where they learn first-hand about wheat, cattle, dairy and everything Ag-related.

The equipment used for making butter was Hofstad’s personal churn and paddles that once belonged to her grandmother.