Going the distance at Prairie View School

MILEAGE COUNTS  —  Prairie View students Elle Buhl and Amber Johnson show off their awards, two Mileage Club backpacks. Buhl and Johnson were the school’s top walkers with 51 miles each.   Photo courtesy of Prairie View School




Every year at Prairie View School, students begin walking. They walk starting after New Year’s Day and go until St. Patrick’s Day.

Greg Jensen, Prairie View Principal said, “The students set a goal of 400 miles this year.  As of March 7, we are at 585, so we have gone way past our goal.”

The students seem to enjoy getting outdoors and Jensen said, “The students are very excited and are very driven this year. They are able to walk during their lunch and afternoon recesses.”

The students can be seen individually and in groups walking around the school.  Jensen stated, “They have a loop going around the sidewalk in front of the school and then go down the sidewalk to the playground to get their card punched.  Seven punches equals on mile and each card has five miles on it.  When they get a card filled up, they get a chain with a foot for each mile with mile marker numbers as well.”

The amount students walked has amazed the staff at the school.  He said, “We have two students right now that have walked 40 miles; Amber Johnson and Elle Buhl and we have another two that have walked 35 miles; Makenna Shepherd and Natalie Broesder.  The record is set by Hayley Taft and Carley Taft in 2011 of 55 miles.”

He said the Prairie View Council Kids will decide what they should do to celebrate meeting their school’s goal.

At the weekly Round-up celebration March 22, the top Prairie View School top walkers were each awarded with a backpack. 

Jensen said, “Our entire school walked a total of 730 miles over the past two and a half months.  Elle Buhl and Amber Johnson were our top walkers with 51 miles each.  They tied.  We had two that tied for second with 45 miles each:  Mekenna Shepherd and Natalie Broesder.