CHS Close-Up students go to D.C.

CLOSE-UP WITH CONGRESSMEN  —  On March 20, the Close-Up students went to Capitol Hill and spoke with Congressmen Jon Tester, Max Baucus and Steve Daines.  They had a brief question-and-answer session on current National and State policies, laws, and other political issues.  Above is Congressman Daines and the Close-Up students from Conrad.  Photo courtesy of Congressman Steve Daines' office




Submitted and written by Rebecca Brown

This past week 13 Juniors at Conrad High School got the amazing opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. and learn more about the government that runs this great country. 

We went to Arlington Cemetery, the Holocaust Museum, the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, Gandhi Memorial, the National Law Enforcement Memorial and the National Japanese-American Memorial. 

We also went to the Pentagon, the White House, the Library of Congress and the Eastern Market.

We visited the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, Museum of American History, National Gallery of Art, Museum of Natural History and Portrait Gallery. 

We also went to Ford’s Theater, where President Abraham Lincoln was shot and watched the classic musical Hey, Dolly! 

Other places we visited were the National Archives, the Botanical Gardens, the Dupont Circle Neighborhood, Washington’s U Street and the Adams Morgan Neighborhood.

In our workshops, we learned about our Political Efficacy, which has two parts:

1. Ability and willingness to influence others regarding politics and policy issues

2. Willingness to speak persuasively to decision makers on political issues.

We learned what it means to be politically effective and how to increase our Efficacy. 

We also learned about some of the leaders of our country and their theories and ideals.

We went through the legislative process and talked about all the steps and then had a mock Congress with the rest of the Close Up groups.

The Close Up group heard members of each branch of the Armed Forces who spoke about their jobs and their opinions on current issues and policies.

On March 20, we went to Capitol Hill and got to speak with our Congressmen Jon Tester, Max Baucus and Steve Daines.  We had a brief question-and-answer session on current National and State policies, laws and other political issues. 

That night, there was another debate, this time between a Liberal and a Conservative.  We asked questions about political issues and policies and watched them debate on the Liberal view versus the Conservative view.

On Thursday night, there was a farewell banquet, we got to hear the group leaders speak and hear representatives from each workshop speak about their week and what they learned.  The night ended with a dance and we all said goodbye.

We all had lots of fun this last week and were unanimously reluctant to leave.  We learned a lot and got to see some amazing sights.  We really appreciated the Conrad community’s support in our fundraising; they made it possible for us to experience this amazing opportunity. 

We appreciated Mr. Gustafson and Mr. Grammar’s support and help with organization and getting us through fundraising.

Participants were Rebecca Brown, Jayde Richardson, Taryn Erickson, Kira Mills, Hayley Orcutt, Makayla Barringer, Jade Shepherd, Austin Brauer, Quinn Gianarelli, Tyler Padilla, Brandon French, Pat Adams and CJ O’Connor.