Conrad plays well, but hurt by forfeits

OVER THE NET  —  Dan O’Brien flys the ball over the net Saturday during the Conrad Tennis Invitational with teams from Cut Bank, Havre and Lewistown.   I-O Photo by Pat Lee




Chamber of Commerce weather parlayed into a full day on the courts at the Conrad Invitational on Saturday.

Teams from Lewistown, Havre and Cut Bank were in town. Conrad played well in the tournament, but due to other activities was shy some players and coughed up 16 forfeits which is hard to overcome.

Playing Cut Bank, the boys’ and girls’ teams both lost by identical 5-2 scores and gave up five points on forfeits.

In singles action, for the men, Austin Zomer won his match 6-4. Number two and three seeds, Konnor Bjelland and Dan O’Brien fell by scores of 4-6 and 2-6 respectively.

In doubles play, the team of Tyler Padilla and Camron Janzen won by a score of 6-4. The Wolves picked up two forfeit points though.

For the women, Kristine Warlick, the number one seed, won her match 6-4. Megan Fetters, number two, fell 3-6 and the number four seed Cashley Redd lost 1-6.

In doubles play, the team of Jenna Rodriguez-Trinity Cox lost 6-love while the team of Amy Bailey and Caitie Bach ripped the Lady Wolves, 6-1.

Playing Lewistown, the Cowboys lost 3-4, but again, had to give away three points on forfeits.

In singles action, Bjelland got topped 1-6, Zomer, in the number two slot, won 6-3 and Padilla did the same, 6-4.

In doubles action the team of Janzen won 6-5 (10-8)

For the Cowgirls, the team was cut down 2-5. In singles play, Cox lost 1-6, Rodriguez got dropped 2-6 and Redd was defeated 3-6.

The doubles team of Warlick-Fetters went overtime to win their match 6-5 (7-2) while Bailey and Bach took out their opponents, 6-2.

Playing the Blue Ponies, once again the forfeits played a big part of the men’s 3-4 loss and the girls’ 2-5 defeat.

In singles play, Janzen won 6-4 and Padilla crushed his opponent, 6-0 and O’Brien lost 2-6.

The doubles team of Zomer and Bjelland took their match 5-5 (10-8). To borrow an old cliché, “The Cowboys won the war, but lost the battle.” Havre won only one match on the courts, but that and three forfeits got them the 4-3 team win.

The Cowgirls lost to the Blue Ponies by a score of 2-5.

Singles players Bailey and Redd were defeated by scores of 1-6, 2-6 with Bach getting a forfeit win. It was the team’s only win on paper.

The doubles team of Warlick-Fetter won their match 6-4, with Rodriguez-Cox losing, 2-6.

The teams’ next home meet is on April 11 when Hardin comes  to town.