Mayor Judisch attends forum in Helena

Forty-four mayors, including Conrad Mayor Wendy Judisch and city managers from across Montana attended the Montana Executive Forum in Helena on March 6-7.

Presented jointly by the Montana State University Local Government Center and the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority, the event featured a discussion on current legislation and the impact on cities and towns.

The forum also provided training on municipal debt management, the federal healthcare bill, improving council relations and managing conflict, Internet security and cyber liability and other topics of interest to the executive branch of municipal government.

Formerly known as the Montana Mayors Forum, the event was opened to city managers this year.

Mayor Judisch commented, “This was a very informative forum. It was also a chance meet with other mayors and discuss problems they are having in their cities and towns and pick up on new ideas.”

“Mayors and city managers are responsible for making sure the work of the city gets done,” said Dan Clark, director of the MSU Local Government Center.

He went on to add, “The executive forum provides specific training designed to equip them with the skills they need to successfully serve their constituents. The interactive discussions on challenging issues facing Montana allow mayors to share what they have learned in their municipalities and to learn from other mayors who may have gone through a similar experience in their city or town.”