Local Department of Emergency Services in training

What goes on behind the scenes at a complex simulated emergency?  On April 11, representatives and volunteers from Pondera, Teton, Glacier, Toole and Liberty counties along with the City of Conrad, participated in a sustained operations exercise to manage accountability issues.

The activation of a combined Emergency Coordination Center and Incident Command Post using the Incident Command System (ICS) was being tested. 

As support for the incident, the team used ICS forms needed to track resources, either personnel or equipment, throughout the entire incident.  Pondera County was the first of four exercises to be held in the region.

The fictitious scenario was a fire in a local chemical facility.  As identified in the local Emergency Operations Plan, the initial Incident Commander is the fire chief.  For purposes of the exercise, Unified Command made up of Fire, Law, Public Works and Public Health were used. 

Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinators along with Public Health from the region were Situation Unit, Resource Unit, Supply Unit, Time Unit and Documentation Unit leaders.  Pondera County Commissioners and the Mayor of Conrad made up the Multi Agency Coordination (MAC) Group. 

The following participated in the training exercise: Pondera County, John Stokes, Ed Gierke, Cynthia Grubb, Angela Freeman, Corrine Rose, LeAnn Hermance, Jackie Bonser, Jacob Bonser, Angela Brown, Wendy Wedum, Gary Dent, Joel Farkell, Richard Anderson, Carol Strickland, Ruth Erickson, Janice Hoppes, Jeanne Moon, Nicki Sullivan, Joe Christiaens, Sandra Broesder, Kody Farkell, Wendy Judisch, Tom Kuka, Trent Pearsen, Kyle Dyrud and Wayne Ashworth; Teton County participants were Lora Wier, Debra Coverdell, Sherwin Smith, Florence Anderson; from Glacier County were Carol McDivitt, Charles Farmer, Debbie Farmer, Colin Cadle, Patrick Stranad, Jenny Krapf; Toole County participants Darrell Stafford, Steven Osgood, Kristi Aklestad; and National Weather Service Chris Foltz.