Water litigation rules against the PCC&RC

A recent ruling in a seven year old water law suit by Gene Curry of Valier went against the Pondera County Canal & Reservoir Company (PCC&RC).

In part, the water judge, Hugh McFadden, ruled that the PCC&RC had been trading, selling, and exchanging water rights wrongly for 40 years.

The City of Conrad purchased 43 percent of their (water) shares after 1973, prompting the water judge to reduce the city’s shares from 2,180 to 1,239.

Judge McFadden ruled that municipal water could be used within the city limits and also one mile outside the city limits.

Those that are beyond one mile from the city limits and received municipal water would be impacted.

The PCC&RC held a meeting Tuesday evening and a more in depth story will be in next week’s Independent-Observer.