PMC to suspend baby delivery

OUT FOR A VISIT  —  It’s that time of year. Bears, especially young subadults, like these two grizzlies that were spotted about six miles west of Conrad on the Ron Warwick farm earlier this week are on the prowl. A few years ago it was rare to see bears out on the plains, but not anymore. A FWP bear specialist, Mike Madel, however, noted it was unusual to have them come close to Conrad because there is no river drainage to provide coverage and the bears had to travel a long way on the open prairie. He estimated them to be about 3-4 years old and weigh between 200-250 pounds.  Photo courtesy of Gary Brown




After more than four years of careful consideration the Pondera Medical Center has made the decision to suspend planned obstetric deliveries, announced Tiffany Nitz, Interim Pondera Medical Center CEO. The decision will become effective July 1.

Expectant mothers will still receive the same caring, state-of-the-art prenatal services up to between 30 and 34 weeks of their pregnancy; at which point in partnership with their family physician they will transfer their care to an Obstetrician of their choice for the remainder of their pregnancy and delivery.

Pre-natal classes and lactation counseling will continue to be offered at the PMC.

The same outstanding follow up care for mother and child will be provided by their family provider at Pondera Medical Center after delivery.

Critical Access Hospitals suspending or discontinuing obstetric deliveries has been a national trend since as early as 1998.

“The PMC has continued to provide the service for as long as possible,” Nitz commented.

She went on to add, “Due to changes in healthcare reimbursements and the high cost of physician mal-practice insurance most Critical Access Hospitals can no longer afford to provide this service in rural areas.”