Conrad Airport paving in a holding pattern

The county commissioners received four bids for the Conrad Airport paving project at the regular Wednesday meeting

The first bid was from United Materials out of Great Falls. Dave Anderson, representing the company was on hand.

He was the only company representative present at the bid opening. Their bid was for $103,590.40.

Anderson commented that UM had recently re-paved the airport in Great Falls.

The second bid was from Road Products, Inc. out of Spokane Valley, Wash., for $88,869.75.

The third bid was from Wharton Asphalt in Billings for $87,396.41 and the fourth bid was from G&Z Sealing and Coating, also out of Billings for $86,847.84.

Commissioner Sandi Broesder moved to take the bids under advisement for further review of the details included with the bid specifications. Commissioner Janice Hoppes seconded the motion and with the vote of Joe Christiaens, the motion passed by a 3-0 margin.

Two forage removal agreements were approved, one for Wylie Gustafson on the north and south sides of Price Road North from one mile south of the Sollid Road to the Midway Road and one for both sides of Furlough Road, from the Sollid Road south to the Metz place as well as the agreement by Dick Monroe.

Alfred DeBoo submitted a resignation as a member of the county Road Department effective May 9. In a related matter, Steve Johnson announced his retirement from the County Road Department effective April 30.

The commissioners accepted and approved each one.

County Road Supervisor John Stokes was on hand to discuss the fencing of Valier Airport.

He noted that because the airport is in the city limits of Valier, there would be certain restrictions as far as the type of fencing used, such as barbed wire. The commissioners didn’t think that grants would be available for this type of project.

They agreed to take the project under advisement and look into funding.

Commissioner Hoppes said she had talked with Sarah Converse from Sweetgrass Development about the county partnering with Cascade, Teton, Glacier and Toole counties as well as Sweetgrass and the City of Shelby to apply for a Brownsfield Planning Grant for up to $50,000.

A Brownsfield site is land previously used for industrial purposes that may be contaminated by low concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution, but has the potential to be reused once it is cleaned up.

On a 3-0 vote the commissioners moved to partner with the other entities for a Brownsfield site planning grant.

Clerk and Recorder Kody Farkell noted that auditors would be in to look at the books May 14-16.

The county commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to conduct business in their office at the courthouse.

The public is always invited to attend.