Holocaust story swells auditorium to capacity

NEW NAME  —  Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher made a special presentation in Conrad at the CHS Auditorium on Wednesday. Proudly wearing a special blanket that was presented to her by the Blackfeet Tribe, she also has a new Indian name, Little Star Woman.  Her presentation of being a child survivor of Concentration Camps filled the auditorium to overflowing capacity as 502 people attended.  I-O Photo by Barb Stratman




The CHS Auditorium holds 502 people. When Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher took the stage, there was not a seat to be had.

The child survivor of Hitler’s concentration camps during WW II, she recalled for the audience a bit of history that will not soon be forgotten.

She arrived in Conrad proudly wearing a special blanket which was presented to her earlier in the week from the Blackfeet Tribe along with a new name, Little Star Woman.

She said she felt honored to have been given a new name and the blanket.

In her talk she said, after 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered, it’s a mission to keep their memory alive.”

Auerbacher was born in 1938 in southwestern Germany near the Black forest, close to the borders of France and Switzerland.

Even though her father was a decorated hero of WWI, he was still a Jew and was arrested and sent off to Dachau in 1938, one of the worst of the Concentration Camps.

She was shipped off to Terezin, a camp in Czechoslovakia which was known as a transit stop for many to be sent to Auschwitz.

Auerbacher recalled that 140,000 people were sent to Terezin and 88,000 of those moved on to the death camp at Auschwitz. And still, another 35,000 died of disease and malnutrition.

She was rescued in 1945 and eventually made her way to New York where she went to college and got a degree in chemistry and her U.S. Citizenship.

Auerbacher also spoke at several other area schools.

Her visit to the area was made possible by the efforts of teenagers Charley Yeager and Amanda Willekes of Choteau who spearheaded the effort to bring Little Star Woman to the Golden Triangle and the Conrad Community Education Foundation.