Graduating class pulls in big awards

HISTORIC SIGNING  —  Senator Llew Jones SD-14, looks on as Gov. Steve Bullock signs  SB-175, a school funding bill sponsored by Jones. The signing took place during a Region 11 Montana School Board Association meeting being held at the high school. Carole Jones, a District 10 school trustee is also the Region 11 MTSBA chair person. Gov. Bullock commented, “This is a historic investment and shows how working together we can get things done.” He went on to add, “We need to continue to invest in our most precious resource.” In a nutshell, the bill provides a more equitable and stable formula and empowers trustees to redirect funding to areas of need.  The bill was officially signed into law earlier this month. SD-175 was largely written and introduced by Sen. Jones.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




The graduating class of 2013 recently held their annual Awards Day. Following are awards and scholarships that were presented.

FFA Alumni - Faith Dyrud, $100; John Bain Memorial -  Seth Diedrich, $250; Tyler Erickson Memorial - Camron Janzen, $400; Viola Zimbelman Heien - Ariel Sauer, $750, Kristine Warlick, $1,500 and Nathan Pruttis, $1,500.

Dollars for Scholars: Students for Students - Nathan Pruttis, $200; Special Donor - Justine Desjardin, $250; 3 Rivers Communications Scholarship - Dan O’Brien and Justine Desjardin, $250; Bob Bryce Memorial - Camron Janzen, $250; Marvin and Vivian Cheek Memorial - Faith Dyrud, $250; John and Arliss Skipwith - Kristine Warlick, $250; Chad Durnell Memorial - Deborah Jarchow, $265; Anita Sabbe Gergasko Memorial - Alex Gage, $260; Castle Family Scholarship in Memory of Jay and Larry Castle - Seth Diedrich, $300.

Gary & Leo’s IGA - Annabell Wittmier, Terence Kleinsasser, Nathan Pruttis, Seth Diedrich, Rachel Bokma, $350 each.

Pepsi - Alex Widhalm, Terence Kleinsasser, Caitlin Bach, Moranda Brenteson, $350 each.

First Christian Church - Alex Widhalm and Caitlin Bach, $375 each.

Stockman Bank - Trent Pearson, Donald Mecham, Elisabeth Ariel Sauer, Kyle Dyrud, $400 each.

Gordon and Marjorie Matheson Memorial in honor of Paula, Nancy and Laurie - Kellen Murack, $400.

Conrad Building Center - Kaitlyn Weis, $415.
Don Hammer Memorial - Devin VandenBos, $415

Conrad Lions Club - Morgan Fowler and Erin Awtrey, $415 each.

Conrad Community Education Foundation - Alex Gage, $500.

Class of 1995 in Memory of Debbie Burditt Hildahl - Taylor Judisch, $250.

Community Endowment - Erin Awtrey, $500.

Sylvester and Marie Ries - Austin Zomer, Kaitlyn Weis, Justine Desjardin and Rachel Bokma, $500 each.

Wells Fargo Bank - Moranda Brenteson, $500.

Sunset Dental Health and Sciences - Kristine Warlick, Dan O’Brien and Deborah Jarchow, $500 each.

Rossberg Family - Megan Fetters, $500; Bliss Family - Raymond Palmer, Justin Ratzburg and Austin Zomer, $500 each.

Mach I Flying Club - Kyle Dyrud, $500; Stephen Kellogg Family - Devin VandenBos, $500; Norley Family - Drew Arends, $500; George and Betty Ellingson - Kellen Murack and Donald Mecham, $500 each.

Berthelson Family Scholarship - Deborah Jarchow, $520; Jim and Evelyn Yeager Memorial - Megan Fetters, $580.

Berland Family in Memory of Herbert and Charlotte Berland - Taylor Judisch, $640; Douglas Bucher Memorial - Elisabeth Sauer, $650; Patriotic Fund Scholarship - Annabell Wittmier, $675.

Barbara Bruner Memorial - Camron Janzen, $800; Eugene and Iris Erwin in Memory of Todd Johnson - Faith Dyrud, $940; Brownell/Erickson Memorial - Alex Gage, $300; Jason Orcutt Memorial - Justin Ratzburg, $500; Joan Orcutt Memorial - Breanna Huber, $750.

Genevieve Rieken Anderson - Devin VandenBos, $300, Dan O’Brien, $350, Kristine Warlick, $350, Camron Janzen, $200, Trent Pearson, $600 and Drew Arends, $600; plus 10 post-secondary recipients each receiving between $600 and $800 each: Alyssa Keil, Will Shirley, Nikki Linn, Steven Peters, Dallas VanLuchene, Amber Stenson, Sam Carroll, Courtney Anderson, Brittany Greyn and Jenny Silvernale.

First Presbyterian Church - Annabell Wittmier and Kaitlyn Weis, $500 each.

Pondera Valley Lutheran Church - Dan O’Brien, Trent Pearson and Morgan Fowler, $100 each.

Pondera County Extension Homemakers - Drew Arends, $400.

VFW Auxiliary Voice of Democracy - Logan Gouchenour; Patriotic Art Contest: Cashley Redd - $25, 3rd place; Jackie Miller - $50, 2nd place; Sierra Rauscher - $75, first place plus $100 and a pin, first in state and entered in National Competition, $300.

American Legion - Trent Pearson, Patriotism award; Justine Desjardin, $500.

American Legion Auxiliary - Morgan VanDyke and Elli Garman, Girls’ State; Kristine Warlick, $350.

First Reformed Church - Trent Pearson, $300; Booster Club - Trent Pearson, Faith Dyrud, Alex Gage, Kaitlyn Weis and Kellen Murack, $200 each.

Pondera County DUI Task Force - Drew Arends and Rachel Bokma, $250.

Pondera Players Scholarship - Drew Arends, $500; Air Force Math and Science Awards - Trent Pearson and Erin Awtrey; Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award.

Principal’s Excellence Award, National Scholar Athletes: Trent Pearson and Elisabeth A. Sauer.

Principal’s Achievement Award: 3.0-3.5 GPA: Zoe Pourroy, Maverick Habets, Colleen Adams, Cashley Redd, Bill Hicks, Reese Spears, Hannah Richey, Kylee Salois, Jenae Johns, Javan Carroll, Jack Grubb, Joe King, Taylour Russell, Morgan Koenig, Jade Richardson, Taylor Marsicao, Allysa Hauer, Paige Rauscher, Elli Garman, Taryn Erickson, Logan Weidum, Austin Brauer, Jake Bender, Jade Shepherd, Josh Ashworth, Skylar Shirley, Mariah Bitney, Morgan VanDyke, Hayley Orcutt, Megan Bruner, Rachel Bokma, Faith Dyrud, DJ Mecham, Kaitlyn Weis, Deb Jarchow, Camron Janzen, Devin VandenBos, Kristine Warlick, Dan O’Brien, Austin Zomer, Justine Desjardin, Erin Awtrey and Drew Arends.

3.5-4.0 GPA: Clark Judisch, Kyle Murack, Trace Jochems, Andrea Awtrey, Cordell Wittmier , Trinity Cox, Emily Harwood, Nirupa Gadi, Michaela DeBoo, Deidre Mecham, Jade Breding, Shane Larson, Will Early, Kira Mills, Cari Lytle, Brett Peters, Logan Gouchenour, Becca Brown, Kaylea Killion, Lynne Spears, Alex Gage, Annabell Wittmier, Konnor Bjelland, Kyle Dyrud, Terence Kleinsasser, Trent Pearson and Ariel Sauer.

Citizenship Award - Josh Layton and Nathan Pruttis.

Principal’s Award - Trent Pearson and Annabell Wittmier.

Pondera Historical Association Scholarship - Ariel Sauer and Kristine Warlick, $200 each.

Fred Lamoreaux Memorial Scholarship - Dan O’Brien, $500; Mountain View Co-op - Kristine Warlick and Konnor Bjelland, $500 each; MSU—Bozeman: Premier Scholarships - Kellen Murack and Austin Zomer, $1,000 each.

Sun River Electric Scholarship - Trent Pearson and Konnor Bjelland, $500 each; Elks - Ariel Sauer and Trent Pearson, $200 each.

Missoula College—UM - Rachel Bokma-Montana Achievement Award, $500 per year for a total of $1,000.

University of Montana: Montana Bright Future Award - Kyle Dyrud and Alex Gage, $1,000 - Four year total of $6,000; Montana Resident Scholarships - Kyle Dyrud and Alex Gage, four year total of $4,000.

Rocky Mountain College - Camron Janzen, A Merit Scholarship in the amount of $10,500 per year for a $42,000 total.

Moose Worthy Scholar Awards - Morgan Fowler and Justine Desjardin; CEA Future Teacher Scholarship - Camron Janzen, $800.

Student Assistance Foundation Business Challenge Scholarships - Drew Drishinski, Ray Palmer and Ray Hough, $500 each.

MSU-Billings - Kristine Warlick, $1,500; Annabell Wittmier-MSU Billings Alumni Scholarship and the Uta Mae Satre College of Technology Undergraduate Scholarship, $2,000, $3,000.

Tim Russell Memorial - Seth Diedrich and Nathan Pruttis, $300 each.

Pondera 4-H Shooting Sports Scholarship - Morgan Fowler, $500.

Carroll College - Trustee Scholarship-Justine Desjardin, $12,500 per year for a total of $50,000.

Heisey Awards - Annabell Wittmier, Garrett Moritz, Justin Ratzburg, Kaitlyn Weis, Kristine Warlick, Paige Rauscher, Seth Diedrich and Caitie Bach, $150 each.

Fogelsong Memorial Scholarship – second alternate-Megan Fetters, Honor;  first Alternate-Dan O’Brien, Honor; recipient-Kristine Warlick, $1,800; Recipient-Trent Pearson, $1,800.

Governor’s Best and Brightest - Trent Pearson, $2,000 per year for a total of $8,000.

MUS Honor Scholarship - Ariel Sauer, full tuition renewable for four years-approximate value of $27,000.
Teachers’ Choice - Annabell Wittmier, $235.

National Honor Society Teacher of the Year - Erik Gustafson and Outstanding Senior - Alex Gage.