Agreement approved to provide law enforcement to Valier

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

County commissioners have approved an agreement to provide law enforcement services to the town of Valier.
Valier had already approved the agreement. The Town of Valier will pay the county $56,000 in four payments of $14,000. Commissioner Sandy Broesder made the motion to pass, Janice Hoppes gave it a second and with Chairman Joe Christiaens vote, it passed 3-0.

Sheriff’s Deputy Shannon Gabbard resides in Valier and is also a member of their city council.
Under the agreement, the county will furnish law enforcement services and enforce the laws of the state and their town ordinances

The county will also provide uniforms, equipment, side arms, pay social security benefits, unemployment taxes, and liability insurance for the law enforcement personnel.

In other county business, the commissioners moved to hire Erica Grubb as a temporary summer office fill-in at a rate of $10 per hour.

Hoppes was designated as the county’s voting delegate for the Northern Transit Interlocal board. Christiaens and Broesder were named as alternates. The motion passed on a 3-0.

The Interlocal also needs a $5,000 commitment which was approved. The funds will be used for the Interlocal’s Coordination Plan.

The updated job description for the Conrad Airport Manager position was approved.

In other action, the commissioners moved to approve the application of Marvin Russell for the Russell minor subdivision.

The property consists of 30 acres located about eight miles northeast of Conrad.

The subdivision created one residential lot for a house, garage and outbuildings with the rest of the property to be used for farming.

Commissioner Broesder reported that the contract with landfill management is up in January. As time draws near, there will be public hearings about this.

She noted that the landfill is looking to expand, “with the ideal location being to the south.”

She also informed the commissioners that there may be a possibility of not accepting waste from the Blackfeet Reservation.

Should that happen it would extend the life of the landfill by approximately 30 years, she noted and then went on to add, “We have the lowest rates in the state.”

Editor’s note: The above story is from the May 22 meeting. It did not get into the I-O. The following is a report from the May 29 meeting.

The commissioners moved to appoint Penny Douglas to the Northcentral Area on Aging to complete the unexpired term of Joyce Copenhaver.

Commissioner Broesder was appointed as the county’s voting delegate to the National Association of Counties (NACo) convention to be held in Texas.

Two resolutions, R-33 and R-34, authorizing budget amendments were passed.

Both were for the health department (PCHD). R-33 pertained to the Tobacco Use Prevention program which had budgeted $26,150 for grant assistance. The grant came in and was for more than the PCHD had budgeted, $28,497.50, thus the need for the amendment resolution.

The second resolution concerned the Maternal and Child Health Block grant program.

The prior amount that went to the PCHD was $7,702, again, budgeted before the grant $7,958 arrived.

Christiaens reported that the airport board met and put up a new wind sock and replaced some burned out light bulbs on the runway.

There was discussion of putting an office directory sign by the front door of the courthouse, directing people to the office they need.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in their office at the courthouse. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend to see their government at work.