One more super Whoop-Up in the books

NEW SINGING GROUP  —  The Hex Girls from Scobey Doo were in Conrad on Saturday for the Whoop-Up Trail Days celebration. From the left is Gracey Eastlick, Chloe Hilliard and Lia Giard the “Giard grandchildren clan”.  I-O Photo by Pat Lee



By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Even though Mother Nature opened the water gates on Sunday, it was late coming in the afternoon, and while the downpour sent some rodeo fans scurrying for dry spots and cars, the rodeo carried on.

Dan Majerus, his crews and the Lions Club put together another wonderful show in the arena and worked furiously in the cook shack, churning out their world famous Whoop-Up burgers.

Highlighting the rodeo was Cowgirl Emily Schall, a 19-year-old University of Great Falls rodeo team member who ended up winning the All Around Cowboy honors at the rodeo.

By placing second in the lady breakaway and fifth in the lady barrels, she took top honors.

It is the first time a Cowgirl has won the All Around at the Whoop-Up Rodeo. “I’m really excited,” she told the I-O, adding that she has been doing rodeo since she was just four years old.

She won an original painting by local artist Bob Moritz who has been providing artwork for the All Around Cowboy for 35 years, beginning in 1979.

Her father, Bob Schall is a legend in the Cowboy circles and has won the All Around here five times; in 1980, 1981, 1991, 1992, and 1994, each time collecting a Moritz painting.

In the ladies barrel event the top five placers, their times, and money won looked like this: 1. Taylour Russell, Conrad, 17.69, $868.56,  2. Julie Lenoir, Cut Bank, 17.92, $713.46, 3. Donna Johnson, Belt, 19.96, $558.36, 4. Lindsay Kruse, Winston, 18.07, $403.26 and 5. E. Schall, Arlee, 18.12, $248.16.

In the ladies breakaway time and places went like this: 1. Talea Sunde, Roy, 2.8, $604.04. 2. E. Schall, 3.0, $461.92. 3-4-5 (ties Brittney VanAusdol, Bozeman, Megan Lunak, Browning, and Cate Hirschy, Jackson all with a time of 3.4, winning $236.88 each.

In the junior barrels, it was 1. Alexis McDonald, Gardiner, 18.24, $153.60, 2. Mikayla Witter, Helena, 18.76, $115.20, 3. Brynna Wolfe, Boulder, 18.84, $76.80 and 4. Hadley Eckert, Helena, 18.85, $38.40.

In the junior breakaway it was 1. Cooper Davis, Sand Coulee, 4.2, $134.40, 2. Keslie Wolfe, Boulder, 5.5, $100.80, and Caleb Guardipee, Cut Bank, 7.4, $67.20.

In the bareback event. the top four places went like this: 1. Tucker Zingg, Dillon, 82, $658. 2. Calvin Ophus, Conrad, 73, $493.50. 3. Danny Lien, Ronan, 69. $329. And 4. Sylvan LaCross, baker, 68, $164.50.

In the saddle Bronc, it was: 1. Beau Michael, Browning, 74, $751.06, 2. Chase Brooks, Deer Lodge, 72, $574.34, 3. Doug Fitzgerald, Browning, 65, $441.80, and 4/5 Gabe Salois East Glacier and JD Adams of Billings, each with a ride of 62, $220.90 each.

In the bull riding, it was 1. Phillip Whiteman, Lame Deer, 78, $918.85. 2. Charles Mack, Havre, 75, $702.65, 3. JD Harrell, Roy, 69, $540.50.

At steer wrestling, it was 1. Mike Gollaher, Cascade, 5.3, $778.32, 2. BJ Brown, Whitlash, 5.8, $583.74, 3. Jim Pat Smith, Melrose, 6.7, $389.16, and 4. Ross Mosher, Augusta, 6.8, $194.58.

For the calf roping is was 1. Dustin Bird, Browning, 8.6, $733.20, 2. Zanen Pitts, Dixon, 8.7, $549.90. 3. Duston Stephens, Corvalis, 9.5, $366.60, 4. Andy Olson, Belgrade, 9.8, $183.30.

In team roping (team event) it was 1. Ty St. Goddard/Ryle Whitford, Browning, 5.7, $716.28 each. 2. Dustin Bird/Paul Eaves, Browning, 1, $537.21 each, 3. Duston Stephens/Ty Hedrick, Corvallis, 6.8, $358.14 each, and 4. Casey Bird/Jim Cole, Browning, 8.1, $179.07 each.