Swim team opens season with win

TAKING AIR  —  Intermediate swimmer Ben Rauscher placed in three individual events, getting second in the 200IM, first in the 100 fly and first in the 100 free at the swim meet in Shelby over the weekend.  Photo for the I-O by Amy Salois





The Conrad swim team opened their season with a big win in Shelby on Saturday.

Team places and scores went like this: 1. Conrad 950, 2. Shelby 737, 3. Columbia Falls 483, 4. Chester 397, 5. Hamilton 380.

Highlighting the meet for Conrad were High Point winners, Dania Jones, Makayla Barringer, Brady Barnhill and Ben Rauscher.

Following are all the individual and relay results from the different divisions.


Brady Barnhill 1st-100IM, 1st-25 breast; Bridger Kellogg 9th-25 free, 7th-50 free; Brayden Stordahl 4th- 25 free, 4th-50 free, 4th-25 back; Cash Mycke 10th-25 free, 6th-50 free, 6th-25 back; Kimmie Ringdahl-11th-25 free, 9th-50 free; Audrey Taylor 3rd-25 free, 3rd-25 breast, 2nd-25 back; Makaela Welker 7th-25free, 5th-25 back, 4th-25 fly; Payton Vermulm 1st-50 free, 2nd-25 fly; Brylee Stordahl 8th-50 free.

In the boys’ 100m free relay, the team of Bridger Kellogg, Brayden Stordahl, Cash Mycke and Brady Barnhill placed first.


Nyssa Welker 3rd-100IM, 4th-50 free, 5th-50 back; Riley Yeager 11th-50 free, 6th-100 free, 6th-50 back; Elizabeth Ringdahl 6th-100 free.

In the girls’ 100 free relay, the team of Nyssa Welker, Kimmie Ringdahl, Morgan Skinner and Elizabeth Ringdahl placed first. The same team placed third in the 100m medley relay.


Ronnie Barnhill 1st-200IM, 3rd-50 back; Allison Broesder 3rd-200IM, 3rd 100-free, 3rd 50-fly; Dania Jones 1st-200IM, 1st-100 free, 1st-50 fly; Brooke Mycke 4th-200IM, 4th-50 free, 4th-50 breast; Billy Dwello 12th 50-free, 7th-100 free, 8th-50 back; Naomi Yeager 6th-50 breast, 11th-50 back.

In the girls’ 200m free relay, the team of Mycke, Yeager, Jones and Broesder placed first. In the 200m medley relay, the same team also placed first.


Ben Rauscher 2nd-200IM, 1st-100 fly, 1st-100 free; Sheridan Johnson 1st-200IM, 4th-100 breast, 3rd-100 back; Hunter Mycke 1st-50 free, 2nd-100 free, 2nd-50 fly; Kale Larson 6th-50 free, 5th-100 breast, 3rd-100 free; Nicole Erickson 4th-50 free, 7th-100 breast, 3rd-100 free; Nirupa Gadi 7th-50 free, 4th-100 free, 5th-100 back; Andrea Russell 1st-100 fly, 2nd-100 back, 2nd-50 fly.

In the boys’ 200 free relay, the team of Ben Rauscher, Ronnie Barnhill, Kale Larson and Hunter Mycke placed first. In the 200m medley relay, the same team also placed first.

The girls’ 200 free relay team of Sheridan Jones, Naomi Yeager, Dania Jones and Andrea Russell came home with a first place.


Kyleigh Salois 3rd-200IM, 2nd-100 fly, 2nd-50 fly; Makayla Barringer 1st-50 free, 1st-100 fly, 1st-50 fly; Skyler Shirley 4th-200IM, 3rd-100 free, 4th-50 fly.

The girls’ 200 medley relay team of Andrea Russell, Kyleigh Salois, Makayla Barringer and Skylar Shirley took home a first place.

This weekend the team goes to the other side of the mountains for a swim meet in Plains.