Village Drug: Small town rural business

SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS  —  The crew of Village Drug is featured in this week’s edition of The Independent-Observer's Spotlight on Business.From the left is Jesse Parks, Sharon Parks, Dianna Huber, Peggy Young, Mike Bowers and Julie Stevenson.  I-O Photo by Adam Jerome





By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

From a town rich in values and community comes our ‘Spotlight on Business’ which highlights a business, gives emphasis on their contributions to our community and remembers their history.

The story of Village Drug began in 1972 as Pondera Village Shopping Center was constructedto help accommodate the increase in population which was the result of the ABM Missile Site construction.

The first business to open in the shopping center was Drug Fair.The company was a small chain organization with Jesse Parks as the manager, head pharmacist and part owner when it opened.

As the ABM Missile Site was scrapped, Parks and his wife Sharon had some concern about their business venture, as many people in the construction arena would soon be leaving the Conrad area.

It was a struggle as with all new businesses, but it eventually worked out.

In 1984 Drug Fair was sold and became Village Drug. In 1988 Jesse and Sharon Parks took over as sole owners.

Village Drug has always tried to provide quality services and products for customers.It remains open from 9a.m.-9p.m, on weekdays and 9 a.m.-6p.m. on Saturdays.

If they don’t have a product for a customer they will try to get it for you if possible.Providing a variety of products has always been one of their top priorities.

Village Drug also has provided support to local organizations in the area including: Conrad, Valier, Dutton, Brady and Heart Butte.

Pharmacist Mike Bowers has handled most of the pharmacy responsibilities for the past ten years.Bowers has been assisted by Pharmacy Tech Ann Morren for the past six years.Their professional approach to pharmaceuticals and over the counter medications shows how serious they take their positions at Village Drug.

The store area of Village Drug is in good hands. Julie Stevenson, an employee for 31 years, is the office manager/general store manager.She has always shown a work ethic that is pretty hard to match.

Peggy Young is another employee that has worked at Village Drug for four years.She takes care of our out front business.She orders from a number of suppliers as well as keeps the other employees busy with daily work orders.

Other employees include, Dianna Huber, Sarina Gebhart, Donna Arvidson. Elizabeth Thiessen, Joan Jones and Tony Farnstrom.

Their motto states; if we all continue to support each other we can remain in small town rural America, which in Park’s opinion is one of the last best places to live and raise a family.