Mayor’s position has a race

When the filing for city offices closed at 5 p.m. on Thursday, two people had tossed their hats into the political arena to see who is going to lead the city for the next four years.

Incumbent Mayor Wendy Judisch has signed on for another term in office. Challenging her will be Edward K. Gierke.

Because of appointments to office, it worked out that all four aldermen are up for election instead of having staggered terms. All four will be running unopposed for office.

Incumbent councilman Rick Moss Ward-2 chose not to file for re-election to his appointed term.

Daniel Jones filed for the two-year position and will be the new councilman from Ward-2.

Ron Widhalm filed for re-election for a four year term in Ward-2.

In Ward-1, Karla Breding will be taking on another four year term and Drew Lesnik, also in Ward-1 will be seated for a two year term.

In Valier, there will be a race for the mayor’s position and councilman in Ward-2.

Challenging incumbent McKenzie A. Graye for a four-year term will be Tom Hoover.

In Ward-2, incumbent Shannon Gabbard will face a challenge from Steve R. Nelson for a four-year term.

In Ward-1, councilmen Velda Loch and David Widhalm are running unopposed for a four-year and two-year term respectively.

An interested party has until Aug. 15 to declare themselves as a write-in candidate.

Unless either council requests it, there will be no Primary Election. The General Election will on Nov.5.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Kody Farkell, elections administrator at 271-4000.