PMC welcomes new hospital administrator: Wayne Ogburn

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

On June 3, Pondera Medical Center welcomed their new hospital administrator, Wayne Ogburn.

Ogburn was born in Tulsa and grew up in Houston.He attended Texas A&M to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics.After his college graduation he joined the Army Reserves for six years as a Clinical Specialist Sergeant 1st Class.

After his obligation was served to the United States he went to grad school where he obtained a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration at Trinity University in San Antonio.

Most of his professional career has been spent in Texas working for hospitals both large and small.

He has worked for large facilities with 1,000 beds to smaller operations with 15 beds.

Ogburn has worked in many different hospital management styles as well, including, non-profit, public, private, and faith-based non-profit organizations.

He has a wife Cherry who volunteers for the American Cancer Society and three kids, one son and two daughters.

Ogburn is a self proclaimed “car guy” though he adds, “I like them but just don’t own them.”

When he is not busy making the hospital run smoothly he enjoys getting actively involved in the community, while also reading a good historical biography from time-to-time.

He has belonged to a long list of civic organizations and clubs, that include Lion’s Club and numerous Chambers’ of Commerce.He is also a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and he is a board certified Health Care Manager.

PMC’s new Hospital Administrator decided to take the position in Conrad due to many factors, professional and personal alike.

He believes the hospital has a lot of opportunity and once he began work he was very impressed with the staff.

Personally he was looking for a small town with a cooler climate and he has always enjoyed Montana.

His brother is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base where he spoke highly of the area.

When it comes to his leadership style he portrays one of inclusion and participation.This is already evident by the weekly reports he writes to keep staff members at all levels informed of the major happenings from week-to-week.

Many would say that Ogburn already has his work cut out for him.

PMC will soon be losing their anesthesiologist and their OBGYN program will be shut down due to the loss of their anesthesiologist and other factors.

Ogburn reiterated though, “We will have anesthesiologists for scheduled surgeries and even possible traveling anesthesia coverage.”

The decision regarding the OB/GYN was made due to several factors including losing our on-call anesthesiologist, but also because of volume and delivering physicians.

His hope is to find a permanent anesthesiologist for Conrad and then take another look at the OB/GYN program.

Another issue PMC faces is their monthly operating deficit.

By the end of May the deficit had grown to $400,000.

Due to Intergovernmental Transfers and payments from Medicare that deficit will be essentially erased.

It is important to note that PMC will continue to operate at monthly deficits for awhile, something he hopes to change.

Ogburn reiterates, “We are not in danger of closing or going bankrupt.This is a temporary financial problem that we will get through.”

In closing Ogburn hopes to leave the community with this, “We are here to support the community’s health needs and we appreciate the support given to us when you have the use for our services.