Conrad swimmers cruise to second place

MAKING THE TURN  —  Bantam swimmer McKenzie Mullennax makes the turn in the 100m free B team relay race at Cut Bank this past weekend. She and Chloe Lehnerz, Nevaeh Mobley and Sadie Vermulm came in eighth.  Photo for the I-O by Amy Salois





The Conrad swim team was in Cut Bank for a swim meet over the weekend and splashed their way home with a second place trophy.

Team places went like this with 10 teams participating:

1. Columbia Falls, 2.CONRAD, 3. Bitterroot, 4. Fairfield, 5. Cut Bank, 6. Chester, 7. Shelby, 8. Big Sandy, 9. Sunburst, 10. Choteau.

Team scores were not available; however, Conrad was in second place by just one point!

Coach Carole Jones remarked, “Cut Bank was a great meet for us, even though we had some key swimmers gone on vacation. We had hoped to come home with first place, but ended up second by one point.”

She went on to add, “This makes it very clear how important taking care of the ‘little details’ are, especially since we had some swimmers DQ in key races.”

Jones went on to add, “It’s the little details that are vital to being both successful as an individual and as a team. Little things make big things happen.”

Highlighting the meet for Conrad was the setting of a pool record and four swimmers; Payton Vermulm, Brady Barnhill, Dania Jones and Makayla Barringer all won high point honors.

Following are the individual’s places for the swimmers in their respective divisions:


Brady Barnhill-1st 100IM, 1st- 25 breast, 1st-25 fly; Audrey Taylor 1st-100IM, 2nd-25 breast, 1st-25 fly; Trey Kinamon 12th-25 free, 5th-50 free, 5th-25 back; Cash Mycke 8th-25 free, 10th-50 free; Brayden Stordahl 3rd-25 free, 1st-50 free, 4th-25 back; Julia Salois 12th-25 free; Brylee Stordahl 6th-25 free, 9th-50 free, 10th-25 back; Payton Vermulm 1st-25 free, 1st-50 free, 1st-25 back; Kimmie Ringdahl 11th-25 back; Patrick Heinen 12th-25 back.

In the boys’ 100m free relay, Mycke, Tegan Jones, Heinen and Kinamon placed second. In the medley relay, Heinen, Barnhill, Kinamon and Jones also took second.

In the girls’ 100m free relay, the team of Stordahl, Salois, Ringdahl, and Taylor took second. The girls’ 100m Free relay B team of McKenzie Mullennax, Chloe Lehnerz, Nevaeh Mobley and Sadie Vermulm came in eighth.


Roper Mycke 4th-100IM, 4th-50 breast, 3rd-50 back; Elizabeth Ringdahl 50th-100IM, 4th-100 free, 6th-50 back; Morgan Skinner 3rd-100IM, 6th-50 breast, 3rd-50 fly; Riley Yeager 9th-50 free, 8th-100 free, 10th-50 back.

In the boys’ 100m free relay, the team of Yeager, Brady Barnhill, Brayden Stordahl, and Mycke placed second. In the boys’ 100m medley, Cash Mycke, Roper Mycke, Yeager and Stordahl took third.

At the girls’ 100m free relay, the team of Skinner, Fallon Mullennax, Elizabeth Ringdahl and Payton Vermulm were in second place.


Ezra Hsiao 3rd-50 free, 2nd-50 back, 1st-50 fly; Ronnie Barnhill;; 2nd-200IM, 5th-50 back, 3rd-50 fly; Allison Broesder 3rd-200IM, 2nd-50 free, 1st-50 fly; Dania Jones 2nd-200IM, 1st-100 free, 2nd-50 fly; Brooke Mycke 4th-200IM, 7th-50 free, 10th-50 breast; Rachel Skinner12th-50 free, 10th-50 back.

In the girls’ 200m free relay, the team of Broesder, Mycke, Jones, and Skinner placed second. In the 200m medley, the team of Fallon Mullennax, Mycke, Broesder and Skinner placed fourth.


Ben Rauscher 4th-200IM, 2nd-100 fly, 1st-100 free; Andrea Russell 1st-200IM, 2nd-100 back, 3rd-50 fly; Kale Larson 3rd-50 free, 5th-100 breast, 5th-100 free; Hunter Mycke 1st-50 free, 3rd-100 free, 3rd-50 fly. Mycke set a pool record in the 50 free with a time of 27:73. The old record was 28:14 set in 1995.

Nicole Erickson 8th-50 free, 9th-100 free, 7th-50 fly; Ivy Kinamon 4th-50 free, 5th-100 free, 5th-50 fly; Nirupa Gadi 10th-100 free, 6th-100 back, 9th-50 fly.

At the boys’ 200m free relay, the team of Rauscher, Hsiao, Larson, and Mycke placed first. In the 200m free, Barnhill, Larson, Mycke, and Rauscher came in first.

For the girls’ 200m free relay, the team of Kinamon, Gadi, Erickson and Jones took first. In the 200m medley, the same team came in third.


Makayla Barringer 1st-50 free, 1st-100 fly, 1st-50 fly; Kyleigh Salois 2nd-200IM, 2nd-200 breast, 2nd-100fly; Taryn Erickson 3rd-100 breast, 2nd-50 fly, 2nd-400 free.

The girls’ 200m medley relay team of Russell, T. Erickson, Barringer, and Salois raced to a first place.

Next week the swim team goes down to Fort Benton for a meet.