Fundraiser set to acquire money for wheelchair bus for PMC-ECU

Imagine being confined to a wheelchair and dependent on others for transportation or things as simple as going out to eat or going to a family gathering.

Your world becomes very small when you are unable to get from here to there without wheelchair accessible transportation.

Often the most frustrating part of getting older is the loss of independence one feels from no longer being able to drive.Thankfully, the Pondera County Surrey takes residents out on scheduled Tuesday morning scenic rides.

However, not all activities can be arranged to fit that schedule or accommodate residents’ desires. Appointments such as going to specialists and other medical needs can be difficult and sometimes impossible to schedule without our own mode of accessible transportation.PMC residents deserve convenient access to community events, restaurants, bible studies, reunions, parks, parades, plays, ball games, movies, family gatherings, holiday events, scenic rides and spontaneous outings.

“Beginning this month we are making it our mission to raise enough funds to purchase a wheelchair accessible bus so we can bridge the gap between residents of PMC Extended Care and the community of Conrad and beyond” says Cale Younce for the PMC-ECU.”

He went on to add, “Our first fundraising event will be a live auction and BBQ at Pondera Golf Course on July 21st beginning at 4 p.m.”

Dave Brownell will be auctioning off numerous goods and services donated by area businesses such as oil changes, tickets to sporting events, gift certificates, clothing and other items too many to list.Also be on the lookout for donation buckets at local businesses where you can donate your spare change for the cause.

Making this work was the extra help from Brownell for donating his time with the auction, Activity Coordinator JoAnne Cobb for all her help and PMC Dementia Care Coordinator Jana Judisch for organizing the overall fundraising for this project.

“Once again we are humbled by the people of this great community for their tremendous outpouring of support.Together we can make a better world for those living in PMC Extended Care,” Younce said.

For more information or to ask a question, contact Younce at 271-3211.