Swim team defends state title, trophy stays in Conrad

STATE CHAMPIONS!  —  Here are the Conrad Swim Team members and coaches with their state championship trophy the team earned in Sidney over the weekend. Conrad defended their state title and will look to three-peat next year when Conrad is host to the big event. Not all of the team members are in the photo. Some of them took off early for the long trip back to Conrad from Sidney.  Photo for the I-O by Amy Salois





Conrad swimmers were a team on a mission. Bring the traveling state trophy back home.

Mission not impossible, the trophy will rest here for another year.

Over 550 swimmers from across the state descended on Sidney in the northeast corner of the Big Sky, 26 from Conrad, making the trek, determined to defend their championship trophy.

Coach Llew Jones commented, “These young athletes spent the summer rolling out of bed at 5:30 a.m., rising to swim several thousand meters each day.”

“The focus,” he said, “of the team this year was on doing the little things right, on taking care of the small details that determine success.”

And in Sidney, at state, the season came together with numerous swimmers getting their seasons best times, scoring points toward a team championship while earning individual honors.

The swim coaches noted that these successes for young athletes are owned in a large part to the strong commitment of their parents working together to make the Conrad swim program special.

For another year the traveling championship trophy will have Conrad as its home.“This team,” says Jones, “will be back, as this championship was completed without any graduating seniors.”

Makayla Barringer came home with High Point honors, placing first in her three individual events and posting up two new pool records.

The Team A standings looked like this: 1st CONRAD, 2. Columbia Falls, 3. Roundup, 4. Fairfield, 5. Chester.

For Team AA it was 1. Bitterroot, 2. Sidney, 3. Lewistown, 4. Glasgow, 5. Chinook. For Team B, it was 1. Big Sandy, 2. Glendive, 3. Plentywood, 4. Cut Bank, 5. Plains, 6. Fort Benton and for Team C it was 1. Scobey, 2. Sunburst, 3. Choteau, 4. Harlem.

The individual results for the different classes went like this:


Brady Barnhill 1st-100IM, 2nd-25 breast, 2nd-25 fly; He set a pool record in the 100IM in 1:43.21. The old record was 1:45.05, set in 1997.

Audrey Taylor 2nd-100IM, 3rd-25 breast, 1st-25 fly; Brayden Stordahl 11th-25 free, 6th-50 free; Payton Vermulm 4th-25 free, 4th-50 free, 3rd-25 back.

The 100m girls’ free relay team of Taylor, Brylee Stordahl, Daityn Rammell and Vermulm placed sixth, and the 100m medley relay team of Kimmie Ringdahl, Taylor, Vermulm, and Rammell placed fifth.


Roper Mycke 9th-50 back, 10th-50 fly.

In the 100m free relay, Kimmie Ringdahl, Sadie Vermulm, Julia Salois, and Morgan Skinner placed 11th. The 100m free relay team of Brayden Stordahl, R. Mycke, Brady Barnhill, and Cash Mycke placed 8th.


Ronnie Barnhill 8th-200IM, 8th-50 back, 9th-50 fly; Ezra Hsiao 2nd-200IM, 4th-50 back, 3rd-50 fly; Allison Broesder 5th-200IM, 5th-50 back, 3rd-50 fly; Dania Jones 4th-200IM, 2nd-100 free, 8th-50 fly.

The 200m free relay team of Broesder, Ringdahl, Brooke Mycke and Jones placed seventh, and the 200m medley team of same ladies came in 4th.


Andrea Russell, 3rd-200IM, 2nd-100 back, 3rd-50 fly; Hunter Mycke 1st-50 free, 2nd-100 free, 5th-50 fly. He set a pool record of 26:74 on Saturday, breaking the old record of 26:80, set in 2005. On Sunday, he re-broke his record of with a new time of 26:46.

Nicole Erickson, 12th-50 free, 8th-100 fly; Ivy Kinamon 5th-50 free, 5th-100 free, 4th-50 fly; Sheridan Johnson 11th-100 back, 8th-200IM, 9th-50 fly; Ben Rauscher 6th-100 free, 3rd-50 fly, 3rd-100 fly.

The boys’ 200m free relay team of Rauscher, Kale Larson, Hsiao, and Mycke came in third. The 200m medley team of the same members took second.

The girls’ 200 free relay team of Kinamon, Johnson, Erickson and Russell placed fourth the 200m Medley team of the same swimmers captured fourth.


Makayla Barringer 1st-200IM, 1st-50 fly, 1st-100 fly. She set a pool record in the 200IM of 2:48.39, breaking the old record set in 2005 of 2:48.48. She also set a pool record in the 50 fly on Sunday of 31:15. On Saturday, Barringer captured a 31:96, breaking the old record from 2007, then on Sunday, she re-broke her own pool record with a 31:15.

Kyleigh Salois 6th-100 breast, 7th-50 fly, 3rd-100 fly; Taryn Erickson 4th-100 breast, 5th-100 back, 6th-100 fly; Skyler Shirley 9th-50 fly, 8th-400m free.

The ladies 200m medley team of Barringer, Salois, Shirley and Erickson came in with a second place.

Next year, the state meet will be hosted by Conrad. Mark your calendar for the first week in August. There will be a lot of folks in our fair city.