Approval of subdivision OK’d by commission

With just one item on their agenda, the commissioners moved to approve the Fosen Fields first minor subdivision at their Wednesday morning meeting.

Commissioner Janice Hoppes made the motion and Sandy Broesder gave it a second. With a vote from Chairman Joe Christiaens, it was a unanimous decision.

The property is made up of 118.95 acres and the subdivision will create five residential lots.

They are located about 2.5 miles southwest of Valier, west on Hwy. 44 to Frances Heights Road, south on that road for about one mile, in between Lake Frances and Frances Heights Road.

On Thursday there was an emergency water situation in Brady when the main water line burst under Main Street. The commissioners need an emergency declaration in order for the state to provide assistance.

The resolution was adopted right away, passing on a 3-0 vote.

It was noted the Jessi Lytle was appointed to be the Financial Officer at the landfill.

The regular meeting of the commissioners and a budget hearing were moved from Wednesday to Tuesday.

There will be a slight increase in taxes due to inflation. A full report on the budget will be in next week’s I-O.