Listening Party idea moves forward

LISTENING PARTY  —  Members of the Listening Party met on Thursday to finalize project ideas that may make Conrad just a little better place to live. The top four were; walkways, green space, ambiance and support a safe and friendly city. From the left in front, are I-O reporter Melissa Huber, Jamey Byrnes and Renae Bouma. In the back is John Shevlin, Peggy Young and Cheryl Curry of the Port Authority. A motto, Simple Living was adopted by the group. A sketch of the plan, held by Byrnes and Bouma will be mailed off and if it wins, the committee will receive $500 to help move their plans along.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





By Melissa Huber, I-O Reporter

A brainstorming session on how to improve the community took place after the Listening Party on Aug. 22 among those whom attended. Dialogue was heavy with the idea of promoting Conrad as a Mayberry-like town (Mayberry, the fictional town in which the Andy Griffith Show is set). Ideas for improvement hinged around the “small town” quaintness Conrad has in spades, and thoughts on how to promote and improve that were plentiful.

A follow up meeting was set for the morning of Aug. 29 with the intent of bringing one of those ideas into fruition. The original attendees of the Listening Party gathered again to discuss their thoughts on the previous session, and to pin down one idea to focus on.

Many had gathered ideas and input from current citizens and out-of-towners. Renae Bouma went so far as to gather ideas from the entire Stockman Bank staff, and Peggy Young asked several shoppers at Village Drug what was missing from our town.

The idea most prevalent on peoples’ minds seemed to be some sort of green space on Main Street designed to get people to stop and enjoy themselves, and also to add to the beautification of our town. A walking path for Conrad’s plethora of active citizens was set as the secondary idea.

Different groups and clubs were suggested that could assist in getting the project going, and interestingly, there was an emphasis on the youth of Conrad. FFA and drafters from both UMS and CHS were a few of the groups considered as candidates to get involved in the project.

A picture was taken of a few original Listening Party attendees holding a sketch of what the park could look like, with the caption “Simple Living” displayed across the top. The photo will be submitted with the possibility of winning $500 to go towards the project.

The impending adage of new lights on Main Street would definitely go nicely with a little park of some kind.