Bakken retires from PMC board

HONORED BY BOARD  —  Cheri Bakken retired from the Pondera Medical Center Board of Directors Wednesday and was honored by board members with a going away dinner at Coaches Corner. From the left in front are PMC directors Lori Pocock-Fletcher, executive secretary/PMC, Kelly Greer, Cheri Bakken and Gena Morris. In the back row is Bernard  Ries, Janice Hoppes, Ted Kronebusch, Karla Styren, Jaynie Gollehon, and Chairman of the Board Brent Gaylord.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler






Cheri Bakken who served on the Pondera Medical Center Board of Directors for nine years, (2004-13) has retired, even though she could have stayed three more years.

Bakken was on the board long enough to see several other long-term directors come and go, including Jim Nelson, Buck Traxler, Reta Rae Weisgram, Joe Christiaens and Byron Bokma.

In addition to those individuals, she helped oversee a minimum of four CEOs before the current CEO Wayne Ogburn came on board.

She served one term as board treasurer during her tenure, went through the amending of the corporate/bylaws a minimum of four times, not to mention restating the Articles of Incorporation twice and amending the second restatement once.

At most retirements, when you ask the retiree what their plans are, they will tell you they are going to spend time with the family, catch up on reading, working in the garden and do some traveling.

While those may be on Bakken’s ‘bucket list’ her top ‘to do’ is to go bear hunting and bag one!