Sen. Jones, Rep. Cook to talk about ‘Dark Money’

What is Dark Money, and more importantly, what impact does it have on local and state elections in Montana?

If you answered, “I don’t know” to either of those questions you should attend the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce’s meeting on Oct. 9 to find out more about Dark Money and an initiative aimed at eliminating Dark Money in Montana.

The informative lunch meeting is scheduled for noon on Oct. 9 atThe Keg Family Restaurant at 618 S. Main in Conrad.

Featured speakers will be Sen. Llew Jones and Rep. Rob Cook, both of Conrad. They will explain the need for passage of the initiative and how residents in the Golden Triangle can volunteer their resources to ensure the initiative not only makes it on the 2014 ballot, but is also approved by voters.

Sen. Jones commented, “Dark Money is the most treacherous force influencing politicians today. Watergate taught America that the best deterrent to having a politician sell their vote is the ability for the electorate to follow the money.”