Wedum is ‘Poster Child’ for early cancer detection

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

It was a special night at the Corral on Thursday with top ranked Choteau coming in for a match with the Cowgirls.

The fans in the gym, even those from Choteau took part in a ‘Paint Conrad Pink’ in awareness of the month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the warm-up session before the games started, both teams were decked out in pink warm-up shirts provided by the Pondera County Health Department.

Before the teams hit the court, Wendy Wedum gave a brief talk to the crowd. She introduced herself, saying, “My name is Wendy Wedum and I am a mom, a daughter, a niece, an honorary aunt, a future grandma and your county Extension agent.”

She explained that she was a poster child for early (cancer) detection. A routine mammogram and a sharp-eyed radiologist found her cancer, which was very small, about the size of a grain of rice, but a type with an aggressive growth factor.

Wedum had surgery after finding the cancer and followed up with radiation treatments.

She told the people, “My son was 14-years-old, and I had one important goal – to be in his life, to irritate him for as long as I possibly could,” drawing a big chuckle from the crowd.

Wedum recently celebrated her third ‘re-birth’ with a cupcake and candles.

In closing Wedum said that support is an important part of the healing of any cancer patient. “Whether you make a donation, provide encouragement, a meal, help around the house or drive someone to a treatment, it gives us that boost to keep going.”

The three senior co-captains of the team, Taryn Erickson, Hayley Orcutt, and Morgan VanDyke, on behalf of the Choteau Bulldogs and the Cowgirls presented Wedum with a pink candle in honor of her shining light to lead the way and, “show us all what it really means to fight like a girl.”