Rigby presented VFW award

Bert Rigby was born and raised in Conrad.He grew up working on the family farm east of town. After graduating from Conrad High School, he eagerly joined the U.S. Navy because as he puts it, “I wanted to see the world.”

Among the exotic locales he was able to visit were Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines.

Having served his country honorably, Bert came back home in ’72 to work on the farm. However, his desire to continue in the service led him to re-enlist in the Naval Reserves, retiring with 20 years of service. “Looking back on my years in the military, they were some of the most beneficial and best times of my life.”

Post Commander Rigby has been an active and dedicated member of the VFW for over 34 years. Since joining in 1979, he has served in every official office of VFW 7655, with a total of eight years as Post Commander. During that period, he also served as District 2 Commander for two years.

In accordance with the highest values and traditions of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, he has assisted the community and advanced the chartered purposes of the VFW by strengthening comradeship, never forgetting our deceased veterans, helping widows and orphans of veterans, and fostering true patriotism for our nation’s youth through the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen Essay Programs, respectively.

Furthering his service to our country’s Vets and the community at large, Rigby continues to be an active “service officer.” Moreover, he participates in military funerals, VFW rummage sales, and numerous other post activities.

 Rigby gratefully says, “I have greatly enjoyed the years I have served Conrad’s VFW and look forward in serving many more.” He also encourages present members to attend meetings, serve at Post functions, and help in finding new members.