Community support helps PMC Extended Care Unit get new bus

Pondera Medical Center is filled with gratitude for the generous donations we received during our recent fundraisers.

JoAnne Cobb says, “We, in the Activities Department, have been receiving money throughout the summer months, and into the fall.We recently received a large sum of $5,000 from the Conrad Lions Club and Sun River Electric also participated by sending us a $500. contribution from their transportation grant funding.”

Since last spring the ECU has been in contact with local businesses to see if they could assist with locating a bus. One local dealer Hank Zomer, Zomer Trucking was in contact with Davey Coach out of Colorado who had a four wheelchair plus nine seat passenger bus that would serve the ECU very well.

It is a 2008 Ford and is slightly used, with 39,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition.

“We met with the sales representative and were impressed with the various features this bus had,” commented Lisa Hanson, Director of Business Development-Marketing and Diagnostic Services.

She went on to add, “Our CEO Wayne Ogburn visited with our local Courtesy Ford dealer Fred Morris, who was very helpful in looking over warranties and researching other options for us.While it would have been nice to have a new bus, we found the bus we were looking at to be a good option.”

The resident community in Conrad is growing older and many residents have needed and used the current bus system at PMC.

Claire Havens has been a wonderful asset and has provided a great service for this community.

“We have enjoyed her professional stewardship and due diligence to provide individualized care over the years,” said Hanson PMC will continue to utilize the Surrey as it is available.

The hospital has noticed the influx of demand on this current service with the patronage coming from the Horizon Lodge, the BeeHive, the local community population attending the Community Center for meals, and our PMC needs.“We have a number of demands per month and needed to better serve the growing PMC resident needs,” says Cobb.

The overwhelming response from the community during our fundraising, and the auction with auctioneer Dave Brownell have been very valuable. “We are blessed to have the support to be able to provide a wheelchair accessible surrey for the many demands that come about daily,” said Hanson.

This opportunity came with short notice, as the bus will be available to PMC in the first part of December and the money needed to be in the bank by Nov. 15.

This made the funding critical and those contacted were very supportive to raise the remaining funds needed in a timely fashion.

Recent donor families include; the Fladstol Family, Jerry and Phyllis Philipps in memory of Phyllis’s mother Josephine Caputo, Ambrose Hansmann, Hank and Roxy Zomer, Ray and Sharon Stoetzel and Dan Felska have offered our communities elder population a quality of life and much needed freedom for mobility.

“We hope all who contributed will have the pleasure of seeing the surrey riders out and about and enjoying the day and visiting our local businesses again once our vehicle arrives in town,” said Hanson.