Utterback hired as contracted County Supt. of Schools

Lynn Utterback, the former District 10 (Conrad) Superintendent of Schools, was hired on Wednesday as a contracted Superintendent of Schools. He will be responsible for the County Superintendent of Schools’ duties that require a teacher’s certificate to complete.

The contact will terminate on June 30, 2015. He will be compensated $1,150 per month, plus travel expenses.

The contract is pending approval of Mary Ann Ries, county attorney. In an earlier story, it was reported that the treasurer would receive $3,500, which was the amount on the resolution that passed. The treasurer will actually receive $1,500 for non-certified duties.

In other business, the commission moved to approve a contract with Health E-Web (HEW) as a clearing house for submitting insurance claims.

A new federal law requires that claims to health insurance companies be submitted electronically. Funding will be from the Immunization Billing Grant.The motion passed on a 2-0 vote.

A tax add-on was approved for property that was owned by county, but purchased by Syd Kincaid. The add-on is for $131.07.

A resolution, R-23, was passed declaring county property as a surplus, non usable and with zero dollar value.

The commissioners declared it was in the best interest of the county to dispose of a ballot counter, a printer machine, a printer cart and four voter booths.

Eryn Nissen of Opportunity Inc., has asked the commissioners for a letter of support for the Vibrant Futures program.

Vibrant Futures has been invited to apply for a Promised Zone (PZ) Designation. The PZ application is to be considered for a ‘designation’ to attract investment from a number of federal agencies.

There are no grant funds with the designation, but as a PZ, it brings support for development in a number of ways.

Should congress enact the PZ, private business would receive a tax incentive for hiring and investing in Promised Zones, to create jobs and attract additional private investment.

Assistance would help communities break down regulatory barriers, achieve a better impact with existing funds and implement neighborhood revitalization visions. The PZ would have preferential access to federal investments for expanded education opportunity and the reduction of violent crime.

On a vote of 2-0, the commission will provide a letter of support for the PZ designation.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to conduct county business.

The public is encouraged and always welcome to attend and get swept up by the buzz of your government at work.