Pondera County election news

Countywide primary elections will be held June 3, 2014.

Anyone interested in running for a Pondera County office can file a Declaration for Nomination at the Clerk and Recorder’s office beginning Jan. 9.The Declarations will be accepted through March 10.

County officials to be elected are Commissioner for the Western District, Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools, Attorney/Public Administrator, Sheriff/Coroner, and Justice of the Peace.

All candidates for county office must be at least 18 years of age, a registered voter in Pondera County and a citizen of Montana.

The Commissioner’s Western District is made up of the western portion of Pondera County from the western border to Sullivan Bridge Road (East Lake Road) and includes Valier. A more detailed description of the District is available at the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The current office holder of this position is Joseph Christiaens.

A Commissioner candidate must be a registered elector residing in the Western District and in Pondera County for two years prior to the general election. A commissioner’s term of office is six years, with one commissioner being elected every two years. The filing fee for this position is $220.12.

Candidates for County Attorney/Public Administrator must have been admitted to practice in Montana.The current office holder is Mary Ann Ries and the filing fee is $426.80.

The positions of Clerk and Recorder, currently held by Kody Farkell, and Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools, currently held by Jeanne Moon, will also appear on the ballot.

The filing fee for Clerk & Recorder is $210.12 and Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools is $227.62.

Other county positions to be elected in 2014, the current office holder and the filing fee for each office are:Sheriff/Coroner, Thomas A. Kuka, $224.60 and Justice of the Peace, Audrey Brown, $210.12.

Property ownership is not a requirement for holding any office and the filing fees are set according to state law at a rate of one-half of one percent of the total annual salary.

Any person interested in filing for a county office should contact the Clerk and Recorder’s office located on the main floor of the county courthouse to obtain the correct forms.At the time of filing for office, the person must meet the requirements for the position and pay the filing fee.

Provisions are made for indigent individuals to provide other documents in lieu of filing fees.

Anyone having questions relating to the elections is encouraged to stop in the Clerk and Recorder’s office or call 271-4000 for more information.