Commissioners pass four resolutions

A good part of the county commissioners meeting on Wednesday was used in discussing and passing four resolutions.

The first one was R-27 and dealt with costs and daily rates for those in the county jail.

The daily rate has to be established by the commissioners on an annual basis.

R-27 fixes the daily rate for confinement at $50 per day and should be paid in advance of jail time and before payments of any fines.

The resolution also notes that an inmate is responsible for the actual costs of medication, medical services, or hospitalization while being detained in a detention center.

The county attorney shall initiate proceedings to collect from the inmate any charges from the medical services or hospitalization.

R-28 set the mileage allowance, lodging and per-diem rates.

The in-state lodging allowance rate is $83 for all communities, with the exception of a few counties or cities that are considered high costs areas.

Per-diem rates are set (in state) at $5 for breakfast, $6 for lunch and $12 for supper. For out-of-state, it is $7, $11, and $18, respectively.

Mileage allotment for county employees will be 56 cents per mile, up to 1,000 miles, and 53 cents per mile (over 1,000 miles) during each calendar month.

Following that, R-29 was approved, and this deals with public participation in developing county procedures.

Along those lines, the commissioners will hold a regular meeting from 10 a.m. to noon on each Wednesday.

During the regular meeting, they may take final action on any matter of interest to the public that involves adopting rules, resolutions, determining a contested case, entering into and awarding contracts and agreements.

The commissioners’ office is open for business from 9 a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and by appointment on Friday.

R-30 set the costs for lien sales, assignments, redemptions and tax deed sale and ownership and interest search bids.

A tax sale certificate, per parcel, will cost $25; an assignment and a redemption, per parcel, will also cost $25 each and a tax deed sale, per parcel, will be $300.

The four resolutions were all adopted on Jan. 8 and passed on 3-0 votes by the board of commissioners.

In other action, the commission approved a task order to the Master Contract for the Immunization Action Program for 2014.

Under this grant, the county will receive $3,916 for immunization services.

The commissioners reviewed the draft job description for the Extension Service Administrative Assistant. A couple of minor wording changes were made. The job description passed on a 3-0 votes.

A request from Cynthia Johnson was received to be reappointed tothe Regional Port Authority (PA) to represent the county. She currently serves as the PA board’s secretary.

Broesder moved to reappoint Johnson, and Hoppes made a second. In discussion that followed, Hoppes said she felt that with three full-time commissioners, one should serve on the PA board.

She also noted that boards should not expect the county to name a representative other than a commissioner because they would like that person on their board. The boards should redo their criteria for board membership rather than ask the county to appoint someone other than a commissioner to their board.

Hoppes feels, as it is now, the county is not being asked for any input, and the county has been forgiving the PA loan each year.

Christiaens said he believed it was already in the agreement with Johnson that she would provide regular updates to the commissioners, but he has not gotten any updates and would like to see this happen.

Broesder said she would like to have a request to the PA or Johnson for the commissioners to receive email updates. She also recommended the commissioners schedule aregular appointment time for Johnson to meet with the commissioners to discuss PA business.

She added that all the commissioners support the efforts of the PA, Hoppes only objects to the county appointing a non-commissioner to represent them.

Bringing the issue to a vote, Commissioners Christiaens and Broesder voted to reappoint Johnson to represent the county on the PA board. Commissioner Hoppes voted no. The motion carried 2-1.

In other board action, the commission moved to reorganize.

Broesder moved to appoint Christiaens as Chairman for the calendar year. There was a second by Hoppes, and it passed on a 3-0 vote.

Hoppes moved to appoint Broesder as vice-chairman of the commission. Christiaens gave the motion a second, and it passed 2-0. Broesder did not vote for herself.

The commission meets every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in their office to conduct county business.

The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend to get swept up by the bustling civics-in-action.