“Omaha” call garners funds for Peyback Foundation and City of Omaha, just in time

By Melissa Huber, I-O Reporter

Not many people missed the NFC and AFC championship games on Sunday in anticipation of finding out which two teams would be headed to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Those watching the AFC championship might have noticed that Broncos’ Quarterback Peyton Manning was heavy with his use of the “Omaha” call, using it a total of 31 times. The excessive use of the call garnered his Peyback Foundation charity $24,800 after an agreement was made with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce to gift the foundation $800 for every time Manning mentioned their city.

Interestingly enough the agreement worked in mutual benefit, garnering the City of Omaha a great deal of advertising traffic, making it profitable for both Manning and Omaha. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

On Jan. 20, a day after the AFC championship, Omaha suffered a tragedy as one of its manufacturing plants collapsed. Rescue efforts at the International Nutrition plant in south-central Omaha (a plant that makes nutritional additive products for livestock and poultry feed) are ongoing, but so far two of the 38 workers have been found deceased, 10 more were hospitalized.

Though many witnesses reported hearing an explosion, there is no evidence, as of yet, as to whether or not that is what caused the building to collapse.

On the Friday before the championship game Omaha’s Chamber of Commerce estimated that news coverage of their city had garnered them approximately $10 million in advertising. No doubt after the game they have had much more traffic, and the funds raised will, no doubt, help the city in its time of need.