Pondera Arts Council holds annual meeting

On Jan. 27 the Pondera Arts Council (PAC) held its annual meeting beginning with a potluck supper. The business portion of the meeting included various reports and the election or reelection of board members to three-year terms. Those chosen to the board were Sharon Eisenberg, Alice Garman, Cherry Ogburn, Cheryl Tornga, and Dan Wilcox. The additional board members are Jan Carter, Mary De Staffany, Helen Elliott, Bonnie Flesch, Katie Jones, Loni Judisch, Harold Olsen, Wayne Reynolds, Tim Toeset, and Colin Veitch.

Following the business meeting the PAC member went to the Orpheum Theatre/Weigand Auditorium to watch the 2007 movie, August Rush.

The PAC was started in 1998 with the purpose of promoting cultural development through the performing arts in Pondera County and the surrounding area. A principle activity over the years has been the maintenance of the Theatre and the support of the movies shown there. In addition PAC brings in various artists to further arts experience and enjoyment in the area. The monthly meetings of the PAC board are held on the second Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Presbyterian Church.

PAC is very grateful for the wonderful financial support the community has provided for the efforts to promote the arts. Increased attendance for the movies and programs would be appreciated. If community members have ideas or comments about PAC presentations please talk to one of the board members or stop in at the monthly meeting.