PMC wants to apply for Intercap Loan

There was a discussion, through Pondera Medical Center (PMC) board, Janice Hoppes and the commissioners for a request by PMC to apply for an Intercap Loan.

In the past, PMC has used a Montana Board of Investments Intercap loan, which the county has applied for.

Commissioner Hoppes made the motion, that in the event it was requested by the PMC; the county agrees to apply for a Montana Board of Investments loan for the hospital for a new cardiac monitor. The motion passed on a 3-0 vote.

A new monitor would cost approximately $140,000, and the payments would be made through a county levy.

PMC purchased two machines in 2004. Today they are obsolete and they are asking for one.

In other business Hoppes moved to appoint Commissioner Joe Christiaens as the voting representative for the Pondera County Canal & Reservoir Company annual meeting, set for Feb. 3, in Conrad. With a second from Sandra Broesder, the motion passed on a 3-0 vote.

Sheron Curry, who submitted her resignation from the county Extension office, effective Jan. 31, submitted a letter requesting her termination be extended to Feb. 7.

Commissioner Broesder moved to approve the request. Hoppes gave the motion a second and the request passed on a 3-0 vote.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Lewistown is requesting that Pondera County participate with them concerning the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Lewistown Resource Management Plan.

An EIS will be developed to provide future direction on BLM lands.

The BLM asked for interagency cooperation in preparing the EIS to reflect the policies, needs and conditions of the citizens they represent.

Following that, Hoppes moved and Christiaens seconded a motion to designate Broesder as the primary contact with the BLM in regards to the Lewistown Resource Management Plan.

Treasurer Jeanne Moon presented the commissioners with a report of investments made up to the end of the month, Dec. 31, 2013.

The commissioners also moved to authorize a journal voucher to transfer unreimbursed Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) grant funds to the DES in the general fund. The transfer was for $2,162.89 for a claim submitted for that amount which was denied as a reimbursable expense by the State. DES Coordinator Leann Hermance pursued the payment further with the State but it was denied. In addition, $705.20 from Fund 2993 to the General Fund was to be transferred.

Expenses in the above amount were submitted in excess of the grant amount in anticipation of extended funding of the grant. This grant was not extended and additional funds were not received.

A motion to transfer the funds to the General Fund passed.

The county commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in their office to conduct county business and meet with constituents.

The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend and get swept up by the buzz of your government at work.